Sunday, October 03, 2010

Flaming Explained

An actual paper on the phenomena of newsgroup flaming.

Enjoy my friends. He explains why it is that we do the thinngs that we do.

Flame ON!


Mga Sulat ni Tochs

You know, sometimes you get lucky doing searches for soc.culture.filipino and get something like Toch. He writes about nature and whatever he feels like. But, he has the soul of a Pin@y.

Pin@y Blog of the Day for Oct 3, 2010.


Babaylan in youtube

Many in the US are going back to the powers of the babaylan. I was researching the issue when I found this youtube version. It seemed real. Metaphysically, it probably is.

Philippine mysticism

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants

My Dear Pin@ys,

This is why we are proud. We are in synchronicity. We rock. We roll. We rap. We dance. We conquer the world!!!

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Dancing

Love you all,