Monday, October 31, 2005

When a blade is the only thing left

I wince each time I see a blog that supports communist / socialist tendencies. I wince because in my experience, those paths are not the ones that lead to happiness. However, in the Philippines, when you have nothing else, perhaps even to a knife you will also begin clinging. Ilang was a writer before she was a blogger. She writes of communism and socialism in the Philippines. She tears at my soul because there should be something better for the Philippines, but there is not. Ilang is the Pin@y Blog of the day for the 31st day of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Yup, He's One of Us

Damn. This is the bad part. When you go out and own all the good working Pin@ys, you have to suck it in and own all the bad ones. Here's a Pinoy who got caught stealing federal secrets to pass it on to the Filipino government.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Weekend 2005

The weekend started up on Friday evening with a jaunt at Good Vibrations for a bridal shower gift. I suggested that we give the happy couple something fun. We ended up giving them a giftbox containing lotions, edible oil, and some bath salts. We decided not to give the more exciting leather straps, feathers, and silicone instruments.

Friday night dinner was at Breads of India where cash is king. Unfortunately, I believe there has been a change in the cook since the last time we were there was about a year ago. The food was still good, but it did not give us pause in our eating. I ordered the tandoori prawn while the SO ordered chicken tika masala. In the previous times that we dined at Breads of India, there were moments of EUREKA. Times in which we stopped and said, "This is really good." ON Friday, it was just okay. The chicken breast was dry. The prawns were a tad bit too salty. ON the other hand, the naan bread was exceptional. It was slightly puffier. But bread plus yougurt was exceptional.

Saturday started out early with us going to my apartment to water the plants and to buy some boxes for the move. $75 for twenty boxes. Then, off to a bridal shower where Pin@y food was served: kare-kare, shrimp, fried rice, beef stew, and lumpia. The soon-to-be newlyweds are the last pair to be married this year. They also are the last of the five couples who got married over a period of a year.

After the party, off to the mall we went to shop for the SO's attire for the wedding and an upcoming dance recital where the SO and I will be dancing the argentine tango. I learned little except that men will haggle with the jewelers just to get some bling-bling.

At about eight o'clock, we finally get to my place where we begin sorting out ten years of living. The SO suggested that I start with the photography stuff. She went and boxed up the CDs. Two hours later, there were four boxes of materials that were boxed up. More than thirty more to go. I managed to throw away just recyclabe materials. I hope that the next few nights are the same. To celebrate, I stayed up till 3AM by wathcing the WEst Wing.

Sunday was a slower day. Went to the Financial Workshop Tubig where we learn the painful process of becoming millionares. Today's lesson was how emotion can lead to purchases that are depreciating assets. The strategy is to buy appreciating assets which are stocks, real estate, etc. Spread out the special events in life over the year so that you don't get depressed and start pining for cortisol. Celebrate the small things so that you can get dopamine. Don't just keep looking back at the wedding because people have moved on. Instead, plan for the next things or events for us to do.

A year ago, I wondered if I was ready to get married. NOw, I am married and planning small little events so that throughout the year, there will be small celebrations.

Hiding from his Grandfather

Vic Nierva hides from his grandfather in his blog. He translates Neruda into Bikolano and comments on statues on Copenhagen. A thousand Pin@ys dream of writing as well as Vic. To capture a dream, to seize a moment, to celebrate a lifetime. Vic is the Pin@y Blog of the day for the 30th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

I want to be like Jake

Jake is the world's greatest photographer. The black and white are the best in capturing ephemerals. He's the Pin@y Blog of the day for the 29th day of October 2005.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Rhett Needs

Got this from the SO who got if from Veronica who got it from the Wily.

1. Rhett needs a personal assistant /stylist???
2. Rhett needs a jeep. OK? ;-)
3. Rhett needs to lay off the booze that early in the morning.
4. Rhett needs a caretaker or foster!
5. Rhett needs to corrall the seven deadly sins, but the task proves more interesting_than one should expect. Expect to see a sequel soon!
6. Hey Scarlett, Rhett needs a companion
7. Have any info. on poultry_that Rhett needs to know?
8. I have found that Rhett needs to attack someone at all times. ...
9. Well if rhett needs a car Ill let him have it, I have 10 already (including_a 75/77 that are in pretty bad shape (major reconstruction). ...
10. It sounds like Rhett needs an enema, because he is WAY for A LONG time full $h@t!


Luis Liwanag is shooting from the street the essence of Philippine life. The good, the bad and the ugly. Go see truth in his blog, the Pin@y Blog of the Day for the 28th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Sari-Saring Litrato

Sidney Snoeck might have been born a Belgian, but he has become a Pin@y because of his photos of the Philippines. True and honest. Sari-sari store is the Pin@y Blog of the day for the 27th day of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Jessica Zafra

Jessica Zafra's blog discusses why Pin@ys can not rule the world and movie reviews. What else do you need from one of the best writers in the Philippines? Twisted is the Pin@y Blog of the Day for the 26th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Kili-Kili" Means "I Love You"

is "I
Love YOU" dear

kili-kili makes
your armpit the

the joy
of my life.

Pin@y in the Netherlands

Dutched Pin@y is taking vacations in the Philippines, discussing the succulent red light district of Amsterdam and giving advice on etiquette for tourists in Europe. Fascinating topics are discussed in her blog. And it's all about Dutch. She's the Pin@y Blog of the Day for Tuesday the 25th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Monday, October 24, 2005


Soul Seeker is looking for something. Ignore her fights over the blogsphere about weight issues and various other things. That is unimportant although highly entertaining if you twist that way. Read instead about her insights on her friend's closeted Catholicism and its ramifications on religion. Reflect with her about her thesis. Soul-Seeker is Pin@y Blog fo the Day for the 24th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Now coming from soc.culture.filipino, I must admit that these so called blogwars are nothing but miserable flameups. It's not even a flamewar. Refer to Kadyo who is another candidate for Pin@y Blog of the Day. Go to his Oct 18 entry to see more flameups.

Is our blog world really that important that we will singe people because of some tagboard? Damn, it's great to see commitment, but this is bordering on ridiculous. Well, it would be ridiculous if it were not so damned funny.

Ahh, soc.culture.filipino. where are those flamewars now?

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Balut: Growing up Pin@y

Balut: Growing up Pin@y

It's only been in the last eight years or so when I have explored the cuisin of the Philippine Islands. Mostly because of the SO, I have been exposed to fine dining. Going to her family's get together has reintroduced for me balut.

My style in eating balut is as follows: Crack one side of the egg. This lets you suck up the amniotic fluid of the egg. Then, daintily pick at the shells to expose the white side or the yellow side. Add a pinch of salt, take a big bite. Chew. Hope there are no bones or beaks that remind you that this is a duck fetus. Savor the elements of the yellow yolk. Ignore the dark blood vessels that criss-cross the shell and the egg. Take another bite and savor the white part. This one is harder and more bitter. I believe it is albumin protein. I don't know why the white can be so hard.

For a more in-depth analysis and an interesting story, go read Deep End Dining. Go to the September 28 article.

Lasang Pin@y III

For those who love Pin@y food, you need to check out Lasang Pin@y III. Bloggers are given a theme and they discuss their adventures. This month, it's about street food.

My childhood memories go back to LSQC. During lunch or after-school hours, the students would buy the sago, the bola-bola or the sorbetes from the outside vendors. Technically, this was forbidden. It was called "buying-outside". But, it was delicious.

Bola-bola. Years later, I bought some fishballs in Ranch99. I was surpised that when I fried the fishballs, it did not inflate. Worse yet, it actually tasted like fish! I had to sit down and analyze. How come the bola-bola was crunchy and inflated when bought from outside of the school? How come the vinegar would infuse the bola-bola? I then realized that the fishballs in the Philippines were basically donuts. It was made with so much flour that it was basically bread!

Sago at Gulaman. When I was in elemetary, we would buy this and the vendor would place it in plastic and give you a straw through which you sucked the sago and gulaman. The plastic allowed you to take the food anywhere you wanted. When I got to high school, I graduated and started using the glass. Of course, I did not realize it then, but the vendor would wash the glasses by dipping it in water in the bottom of the kariton. Would anyone fancy hepatitis or any other form of virus?

Yup, my parents never wanted us to buy the food from vendors because they were always afraid that we would get sick from it.

Dust in the Mouth

Si Mikael ay ang manunulat na nagngangalang Abo Sa Dila. Malalim ang kaniyang mga pagsulat. Sinusubukan niyang kalimutan si Abner. Natatandaan niya ang usapan tungkol sa tulang lumulutang sa ere.

Sa kanyang mensahe, malalaman natin kung ano nga ang ibig sabihin ng buhay sa Pilipinas. Siya ang Pin@y Blog ng Araw ng 23 ng Oktubre sa taon ng mga Pin@y 2005."

Balot & Longganisa

The SO and I heard from Ninong Abe that the makers of fabulous longganisa and daing na isda were back in Vallejo. So of course, we visited on Saturday. We three had been lamenting that we had lost one of the big makers of great Pin@y foods when their stall went empty. For those who would like to taste their food:

CJ Kitchenette
650 Nuttman Ave #106
Santa Clara CA 95054

Their daing na bangus is great. You will need to bread the daing and then deep fry it so that you can eat everything, even the bones. The longganisa is what I have used to measure other longganisas. I was so desperate that I even thought that I would have to make my own longganisa ala my father just so that I can get the proper mix of ingredients.

We also went to buy some balut and pugo. Pugo is itlog from quail. I did not realize that Pin@ys had quail. But, sure enough, the mini-eggs I used to eat as a child were the quail eggs.

On the way to Vallejo, we went to Mel & Belle's place, the official leaders of FANHS in Vallejo. They live in an unincorporated section of the county where one can raise animals such as chickens and goats. Yes, goats. Apparently, they used to have goats, but they had to give them up because they got too big. Mel listed them in Craigslist, but whenever it was Pin@y, they said "NO" because the Pin@y would just cook the kambing. Bwahahahha.

New template, New beginnings

Instead of starting a new blog, I just changed the template after so many years. I wanted to add a photo of moi on the right side.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

His name is Paeng

A teacher with a long-distance relationship. He walks from a rally to Mendiola and tells his secret. If politicians had his guile, if people used their brains like he does, the world would be a better place. Paeng is the Pin@y Blog of the Day for the 22nd day of October of the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Friday, October 21, 2005


Gerry Alanguilan is a komiks writer. He's the Pinoy Blog of the Day for the 21st of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

I learned to read because in my childhood, I loved the stories in komiks. We spent our childhood in the province of Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan. Everyday, the entertainment was the arrival of the delivery of new komiks. The ones that I remember are Zuma and the story of a woman with the head of a rat. Leave it to Pin@y storytellers to tell the story of the most marginalized members of society. A mutant with two snakes who eats the hearts of virgins and a woman with the head of a rat.

Zuma would most likely starve in our society today. While the rat-head woman would probably be a bomba star.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cooking, what else?

Meet Ting-A-Ling". She's got fishballs and liver. What else do you need before you get convinced that she's the real thing? Ting-A-Ling is the Pi@y Blog of the Day for the 20th of October, in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Time to give thanks to my family for the incredible support they have shown me over the years. They might not have fully understood why I would walk away from a life in medicine, but they never wavered in their belief in me. They also told me not to screw it up with the SO who is now the Wife.

I remember when my sister was being married. I saw this light from the heavens hitting the aisle and I just knew that my parents were there. In my wedding, it was when the brother-in-law sang that I remembered my parents. I almost started crying right up there in the altar.

I enjoy life as I go along. Savoring each day. I try to live in the now instead of yearning for the past.

I love my job. Not since grad school have I said those words. Today, I resolved one investigation and researched two. By the end of the day, I was spent, but I definitely enjoyed the adrenaline rushing through. I remember how bad the post-doc experience was with having my projects slowly given to the clueless grad student. I had to repeat my weekly group meeting over and over because no one had the capacity to understand it. Meanwhile, at the first real job, the company could not keep enough money around. Silly. Crazy. Nuts. Then, at the photofinishing lab, well, I believe they still issue straightjackets to the inmates.

This day is an 8. Definitely up.
Trial of Saddam

Iraq is putting on trial Saddam Huseein today. As I watched TV, a US senator or congressman said "For the first time, after 23 years, Iraq is putting on trial the butcher of ..."

And of course, I wonder.... How long would Saddam have been there if the US did not prop him up as our pet dictator.

It is odd that we had to go into Iraq to get rid of a dictator.
Pin@y Languages

Go to Chris Sundita's Blog to check out his work on the Philippine languages. He is the Pin@y Blog for the 19th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

More wedding thoughts

A week later, the wedding ring has encountered abrasions, dings, knocks and unintentional hurt. The surface of the ring is no longer perfect, but as some have pointed out, sharing with the world a love so grand means knocks and dings.

Many of the guests have pointed out the greatness of Father Rich Danyluk. He is a mystery among priests. Father Rich managed to welcome everyone into the wedding ceremony be they Catholic, Christian or of another religion. Everyone enjoyed his unusual sermon which he began by asking who had been married for more than forty years. He pointed out that my aunt combed my uncle's hair just before they marched into the church. And Father Rich told everyone that they will be touched in the wedding ceremony. But that some will feel it, others will know it and ignore it, and others will wonder what he was talking about.

Uncle Berning who had a birthday celebration last night spoke to me while I hanged out with them at the inuman. Note that this is the first time that I actually spent time with the uncles. Uncle B gave me a double of Johnny Walker Black which I nursed for about an hour. That stuff is strong. Along the way, he told me that he enjoyed the fact that the dance floor for the wedding was big. He had space to dance and dance he did. He told me that he knew the other uncles were watching so he made sure to strut his stuff.

I would like to thank Eileen and Tom for offering us their place in the mountains as a retreat during our honeymoon. As always, it was fun to speak with Eileen to tell her that the eight billion people + 200 million space traveler voyeurs who read her blog are constantly amazed at her genius. And folks, it really is genius. Let me get serioius here for a moment. Her "I Take Thee English" book is a treat. Provide the citation and let the reader write the content. My God! Talk about engaging the reader into the creation of poetry. Her over-the-top blurb projects!!! Gleeful, and I mean gleeful creativity that engages others to CREATE works of abject hilarity. I thank God that Eileen is on this earth providing everyone an opportunity to create poetry and works of art. It is simply an inspiration, I tell you! Heck, I spent one day with her, and I wanted to jumpstart my haynaku series with Marcos and Aquino.

The Fairmont Hotel was the other venue for our honeymoon. We were lucky enough to get a discount because a cousin worked there. Those prices are exorbitant in my book. However, is the place worth it? You bet your little patoot it is. Let's see, the carpet was beautiful. My feet made love with it, it was so nice. The bedsheets alone were worth the price of admission. I just loved the bedsheets. They must have been 600 count thread sheets or something. And the bathroom. It was the size of some Berkeley apartments. The view was gorgeous. A view of San Francisco and the fog as it rolled into the city.

We did dine at the Tonga Room and that one was way too overpriced for Chinese food. The Blue Hawaiian which was made famous by Elvis was nice. The steak was cooked to medium rare. There was rainfall every thirty minutes. But it was underwhelming. The service was great, but I suppose that the food could have been better. Or should have been better.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Ring

Been several days since I have been wearing the One Ring...The Precious...The One Ring to Rule Them All... Wait, sorry, that would be the One Ring to Love Them All.

The ring has been getting some scrathes, some dings every time I hit some metal. The SO says that it is due to the SACRIFICES in life of being married.

I am not used to the fact that I hit things and it makes this metallic ring "DING". Is it supposed to be a watchdog? I don't usually wear rings so I don't know.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wedding Reflections

The wedding is now over. But, it was certainly a celebration to be remembered. Just like in my prom, there are so many memories that the images just flash and flash back. Let's go through some highlights which are not in any particular order.

1. My brother-in-law sang the song by "Seal" and the Ave Maria. Now, the last time I heard him was five years ago when he performed in various shows at the Alameda Civic Light Opera. Several years away from Oakland and a couple spent in Choral singing in the South created a man who evoked the emotion of the music while singing. I wanted my camera when he was singing the Ave Maria. I could capture the music visually!!! That's how good he was.

2. The bride and I were blessed in a Halad by Tuhan Joseph Arriola. It involved two masters of Kali (Guro Neil Rivera and Marcel Ecclavia) executing their Halad and then sparring together. After that, the bride was invited to join the sparring. As others have said in Blogland, have you ever seen a bride spar during her wedding reception?

People commented that when Tuhan offered me the knife that I had the deer in the headlight look. I wasn't exactly sure what I was supposed to do. But Tuhan did. He asked all the elders to bless our wedding. Of course, it took everyone some time to figure out if they were elders or adults. I guess most of our guests were really children at heart and did not want to admit that they were adults.

3. My best friend from high school C.M. was one of my groomsmen. Twenty years is a long time. I believe the last time I caught up with him was with his wedding. Meaning that's the last time I saw him personally. He now has three kids. That's awesome. He mentioned that watching the procession down the aisle was a very touching moment. He felt it in his heart.

4. The Palabuniyan Kulintang Ensemble performed at the Mass. The music made me float on air. It made me want to march down the aisle with a spear and a shield. It was very different from the other weddings we knew because the music came from the Maranaos in Mindanao. The irony is very juicy in that we have music associated with a Muslim area being played in a Catholic church. However, we thought it was appropriate because the music was pre-Muslim.

5. My brother and sister and her family were there to celebrate with us. Twenty-three years ago, we came from the Philippines as children and teen-agers. Now, my sister has three kids and I just got married. My brother was taking photos and boy, some of those shots were awesome. He's enjoying his TWO digital SLRs. Hahahhaa.

6. We now have the one ring. The ONE ring to LOVE them all. Okay, so originally, we were referring to our wedding like it was our PRECIOUS. Why? Because everything we wished for happened. And I mean everything. So, why not? But as we were lying in our beds, I mentioned that it might be messed up to keep saying "One ring to rule them all". So, we changed and voila, new motto.

7. My father-in-law telling a story during his welcome address about the wife and my graduation. It was very touching that he mentioned my mother. And in that same breath, my mother-in-law who has enough energy to clean the Empire State Building. Boy, she unpacked, prepared, reset, did everything at the wedding!!!

8. Can you say three hundred bamboo giveaways? The little pots with bamboos were heavy and caused much grief in the move. But they got there in time and were given out. Most of them were taken.

9. We were making up stuff during the wedding reception. We danced our way into our introduction. She rotated around me so that everyone could see her. We teased the ting-tinging of the people asking for a kiss. I kissed her on the cheek; I did the Hulk Hogan I can't hear you sign; we blew bubbles and we blew flying kisses.

10. I held my own during the Mass and the wedding ceremony. I did not faint nor did I mess up my wedding vow. It was great that Fr. Rich said two words at a time.

11. Father Rich. In his sermon, he mentioned how my aunt was combing my uncle's hair. He wondered out loud how long she had done that. Father Rich was amusing, funny and very welcoming. Now, if only other priests were more like this. We were very honored for Father Rich's participation in our wedding. It made it complete. He also mentioned the reality of life. That not everything is always happy. That there are some who are in the celebration without their special someone. And it was hard.

12. The cantor Alex Ramos singing and the piano playing by the church musician. Beatufiful music. It made me understand the role of music in church liturgy. That one can be transported from the common place to the heavens. Spritually uplifting if not for anything else.

13. The money dance. I managed to spin, and make the partners enjoy the money dance. And they helped in paying for all the wedding stuff.

14. The toasts by the BestWoman and the Maid of Honor. Dr. Sushma was awesome as always. She mentioned how I was the Berkeley experience: intelligent and very intimidating. And she gave me the same compliment that I gave her nine years ago in a Spyro Gyra CD. Later on, I spoke to her and thanked her profusely. There were an amazing number of people who had the "bright eyes" during our wedding night. People who were remarkable for their abilities to change lead into gold.

15. Professor Dana was fantastic in lecturing about the mythology of creation from the Philippines. It has got to be one of the longest toasts. I wondered why she needed notes. I think she was giving footnotes while talking. Bwahahhah! Awesome!!! And greatly appreciated from one scholar to another.

16. The bouquet toss became a football play. From the brother-in-law to the wife to me, and I tossed it into the crowd.

17. The garter was on my arm. There was nothing conventional in this wedding. Everything with a twist. The bride threw the garter.

18. The father daughter dance was interrupted with a football score update and a jersey change by the brother-in-law. Man, I knew UCLA recruited better than we did. Dang. But then again, the brother-in-law made up for it for his beautiful song for the father daughter dance.

19. And finally, my dance with the wife.

Check out the the blogs about it:

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The Universe Answers Questions

Two more days before my ring finger gets a new partner. I tried out my wedding ring today and it was not so bad. It felt comfortable on my finger. We joked that we had the rings of power. Hahaha.

As the day comes closer and closer, I had been reflecting on my life and the decisions that I had made. I generally don't regret things in my life. But during reflection time, sometimes, I am confronted with certain choices that I wonder about.

For example, I wondered whether I left my previous job prematurely. This might be because the job I have at the law place is now so routine. Write two reports every week while still investigating things. The pace can run someone ragged. So I began to wonder about my old title and the responsibilities. For the life of me, I don't know why I miss it. I was twice as confused with three times the worry. The simplest problems became really giant mountains. We prepared for the insane things in that job.

Wouldn't you know it? As soon as I begin wondering, but after a few days later, I get a call from one of the people over at the old job. Guess what! Yup, she told me about the changes and the people who have left and how it was going. Yes, universe, I was right in leaving that place.

Another thing I was reflecting on was my decision to not pursue a career in medicine. It has always been one of those things that I could not accomplish. If failure could be defined by things one left undone, this was it. I was not a physician. For all the promise and the intelligence I had, I was not that well developed in lying and bullshitting to get through the interview of the medical schools. Somehow, I could not let go of the ego and my desire for money.

At any rate, the universe answers my questions of what my life would be by sitting my ass down in front of the television and making me watch this segment on paternity and DNA tests. As the segment unfolds, I realize that the guy they are interviewing was pretty familiar. What happened was that he was divorced with two kids. He was remarried. The second wife tells him that his second daughter does not look like him. He takes a paternity test. And it turns out that he is not the father of the child.

As I watched mesmerized and unbelieving, I realize in my gut that my life would have probably followed this guy's life. Lots of unhappiness. Lots of prestige, not necessarily from the job. Lots of drama from things other than your job. A lot of things that make life not very happy.

And I contrast that with my current situation. The SO laughs at the things I say, though she does tell me that those things are f**ked up. I get hugs and kisses. Someone buys me extract from cherries for my gout. And I am getting married in two more days. Life is good.

So, if you ever wonder about your life, go ask the universe. I caution you however that you should listen. The universe gives its answers in funny ways.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

One more week of being a bachelor

The weekend is almost over and it is now only days before my wedding. Oddly enough, I have been feeling sad that my bachelorship will be ending. But I just have to remember how desperate and sad my life was before meeting the SO and it is not so bad.

On Friday, we went to see the twins of San Francisco. Ostensibly, it was to get my sister to write a testimonial for me for the church to state that I have never been married, never been a priest, and not marrying a blood relation. But, along with that, this uncle got to see the twins. They are still tiny. really small if you ask me. Why, I didn't even want to hold them.

Katherine was all cute and cuddly and asleep. If you remember, she's the one who keeps on smiling. Veronica on the other hand is the bigger of the two. She kept waking up while I watched her. Cute kids. I did not see Elinor. The first of the bulinggits.

I also got a call from G from the last place I worked at. It turns out that the manager ended up quitting after six months. And basically, it was another set up. I was wondering about my new job at the law firm and thinking that it was beginning to be the same old stuff. But here's the universe telling me what a great decision it was to join a major league team. None of this fancy small company we care about you, but we'll stab you with a knife.

On Saturday, I dropped off my clothes to Frank's the drycleaner. Out of the blue, he asks me if I wanted to go to the Cal football game. No charge. Nothing! Wow, talk about enlightenment. The seats were donor seats. $31 each. Two sections to the right of the student section. Where you could see the action really well. For the first time, I managed not to miss touchdowns, interceptions and fumbles. What a great time! And just in time as a wedding gift.

Sunday, went to REI to get the black undershirt that does not cling to the embroidery of the barong tagalog. Once there is too much embroidery, the cotton barong starts sticking to the needlework. Any grooms wearing barong tagalog, remember to get the nice polyester undershirts.