Sunday, October 23, 2005

Balut: Growing up Pin@y

Balut: Growing up Pin@y

It's only been in the last eight years or so when I have explored the cuisin of the Philippine Islands. Mostly because of the SO, I have been exposed to fine dining. Going to her family's get together has reintroduced for me balut.

My style in eating balut is as follows: Crack one side of the egg. This lets you suck up the amniotic fluid of the egg. Then, daintily pick at the shells to expose the white side or the yellow side. Add a pinch of salt, take a big bite. Chew. Hope there are no bones or beaks that remind you that this is a duck fetus. Savor the elements of the yellow yolk. Ignore the dark blood vessels that criss-cross the shell and the egg. Take another bite and savor the white part. This one is harder and more bitter. I believe it is albumin protein. I don't know why the white can be so hard.

For a more in-depth analysis and an interesting story, go read Deep End Dining. Go to the September 28 article.

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