Sunday, October 30, 2005

Halloween Weekend 2005

The weekend started up on Friday evening with a jaunt at Good Vibrations for a bridal shower gift. I suggested that we give the happy couple something fun. We ended up giving them a giftbox containing lotions, edible oil, and some bath salts. We decided not to give the more exciting leather straps, feathers, and silicone instruments.

Friday night dinner was at Breads of India where cash is king. Unfortunately, I believe there has been a change in the cook since the last time we were there was about a year ago. The food was still good, but it did not give us pause in our eating. I ordered the tandoori prawn while the SO ordered chicken tika masala. In the previous times that we dined at Breads of India, there were moments of EUREKA. Times in which we stopped and said, "This is really good." ON Friday, it was just okay. The chicken breast was dry. The prawns were a tad bit too salty. ON the other hand, the naan bread was exceptional. It was slightly puffier. But bread plus yougurt was exceptional.

Saturday started out early with us going to my apartment to water the plants and to buy some boxes for the move. $75 for twenty boxes. Then, off to a bridal shower where Pin@y food was served: kare-kare, shrimp, fried rice, beef stew, and lumpia. The soon-to-be newlyweds are the last pair to be married this year. They also are the last of the five couples who got married over a period of a year.

After the party, off to the mall we went to shop for the SO's attire for the wedding and an upcoming dance recital where the SO and I will be dancing the argentine tango. I learned little except that men will haggle with the jewelers just to get some bling-bling.

At about eight o'clock, we finally get to my place where we begin sorting out ten years of living. The SO suggested that I start with the photography stuff. She went and boxed up the CDs. Two hours later, there were four boxes of materials that were boxed up. More than thirty more to go. I managed to throw away just recyclabe materials. I hope that the next few nights are the same. To celebrate, I stayed up till 3AM by wathcing the WEst Wing.

Sunday was a slower day. Went to the Financial Workshop Tubig where we learn the painful process of becoming millionares. Today's lesson was how emotion can lead to purchases that are depreciating assets. The strategy is to buy appreciating assets which are stocks, real estate, etc. Spread out the special events in life over the year so that you don't get depressed and start pining for cortisol. Celebrate the small things so that you can get dopamine. Don't just keep looking back at the wedding because people have moved on. Instead, plan for the next things or events for us to do.

A year ago, I wondered if I was ready to get married. NOw, I am married and planning small little events so that throughout the year, there will be small celebrations.

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