Sunday, October 02, 2005

One more week of being a bachelor

The weekend is almost over and it is now only days before my wedding. Oddly enough, I have been feeling sad that my bachelorship will be ending. But I just have to remember how desperate and sad my life was before meeting the SO and it is not so bad.

On Friday, we went to see the twins of San Francisco. Ostensibly, it was to get my sister to write a testimonial for me for the church to state that I have never been married, never been a priest, and not marrying a blood relation. But, along with that, this uncle got to see the twins. They are still tiny. really small if you ask me. Why, I didn't even want to hold them.

Katherine was all cute and cuddly and asleep. If you remember, she's the one who keeps on smiling. Veronica on the other hand is the bigger of the two. She kept waking up while I watched her. Cute kids. I did not see Elinor. The first of the bulinggits.

I also got a call from G from the last place I worked at. It turns out that the manager ended up quitting after six months. And basically, it was another set up. I was wondering about my new job at the law firm and thinking that it was beginning to be the same old stuff. But here's the universe telling me what a great decision it was to join a major league team. None of this fancy small company we care about you, but we'll stab you with a knife.

On Saturday, I dropped off my clothes to Frank's the drycleaner. Out of the blue, he asks me if I wanted to go to the Cal football game. No charge. Nothing! Wow, talk about enlightenment. The seats were donor seats. $31 each. Two sections to the right of the student section. Where you could see the action really well. For the first time, I managed not to miss touchdowns, interceptions and fumbles. What a great time! And just in time as a wedding gift.

Sunday, went to REI to get the black undershirt that does not cling to the embroidery of the barong tagalog. Once there is too much embroidery, the cotton barong starts sticking to the needlework. Any grooms wearing barong tagalog, remember to get the nice polyester undershirts.

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