Friday, October 21, 2005


Gerry Alanguilan is a komiks writer. He's the Pinoy Blog of the Day for the 21st of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

I learned to read because in my childhood, I loved the stories in komiks. We spent our childhood in the province of Nueva Ecija, Cabanatuan. Everyday, the entertainment was the arrival of the delivery of new komiks. The ones that I remember are Zuma and the story of a woman with the head of a rat. Leave it to Pin@y storytellers to tell the story of the most marginalized members of society. A mutant with two snakes who eats the hearts of virgins and a woman with the head of a rat.

Zuma would most likely starve in our society today. While the rat-head woman would probably be a bomba star.

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