Sunday, October 23, 2005

Lasang Pin@y III

For those who love Pin@y food, you need to check out Lasang Pin@y III. Bloggers are given a theme and they discuss their adventures. This month, it's about street food.

My childhood memories go back to LSQC. During lunch or after-school hours, the students would buy the sago, the bola-bola or the sorbetes from the outside vendors. Technically, this was forbidden. It was called "buying-outside". But, it was delicious.

Bola-bola. Years later, I bought some fishballs in Ranch99. I was surpised that when I fried the fishballs, it did not inflate. Worse yet, it actually tasted like fish! I had to sit down and analyze. How come the bola-bola was crunchy and inflated when bought from outside of the school? How come the vinegar would infuse the bola-bola? I then realized that the fishballs in the Philippines were basically donuts. It was made with so much flour that it was basically bread!

Sago at Gulaman. When I was in elemetary, we would buy this and the vendor would place it in plastic and give you a straw through which you sucked the sago and gulaman. The plastic allowed you to take the food anywhere you wanted. When I got to high school, I graduated and started using the glass. Of course, I did not realize it then, but the vendor would wash the glasses by dipping it in water in the bottom of the kariton. Would anyone fancy hepatitis or any other form of virus?

Yup, my parents never wanted us to buy the food from vendors because they were always afraid that we would get sick from it.

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stef said...

tatang retong, i just found your blog: great entry! you're right about them being donuts basically. i still haven't discovered the perfect formula but we're working on it. welcome and thanks for joining us for lasang pinoy!