Friday, October 28, 2005

Rhett Needs

Got this from the SO who got if from Veronica who got it from the Wily.

1. Rhett needs a personal assistant /stylist???
2. Rhett needs a jeep. OK? ;-)
3. Rhett needs to lay off the booze that early in the morning.
4. Rhett needs a caretaker or foster!
5. Rhett needs to corrall the seven deadly sins, but the task proves more interesting_than one should expect. Expect to see a sequel soon!
6. Hey Scarlett, Rhett needs a companion
7. Have any info. on poultry_that Rhett needs to know?
8. I have found that Rhett needs to attack someone at all times. ...
9. Well if rhett needs a car Ill let him have it, I have 10 already (including_a 75/77 that are in pretty bad shape (major reconstruction). ...
10. It sounds like Rhett needs an enema, because he is WAY for A LONG time full $h@t!

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