Sunday, October 23, 2005

Balot & Longganisa

The SO and I heard from Ninong Abe that the makers of fabulous longganisa and daing na isda were back in Vallejo. So of course, we visited on Saturday. We three had been lamenting that we had lost one of the big makers of great Pin@y foods when their stall went empty. For those who would like to taste their food:

CJ Kitchenette
650 Nuttman Ave #106
Santa Clara CA 95054

Their daing na bangus is great. You will need to bread the daing and then deep fry it so that you can eat everything, even the bones. The longganisa is what I have used to measure other longganisas. I was so desperate that I even thought that I would have to make my own longganisa ala my father just so that I can get the proper mix of ingredients.

We also went to buy some balut and pugo. Pugo is itlog from quail. I did not realize that Pin@ys had quail. But, sure enough, the mini-eggs I used to eat as a child were the quail eggs.

On the way to Vallejo, we went to Mel & Belle's place, the official leaders of FANHS in Vallejo. They live in an unincorporated section of the county where one can raise animals such as chickens and goats. Yes, goats. Apparently, they used to have goats, but they had to give them up because they got too big. Mel listed them in Craigslist, but whenever it was Pin@y, they said "NO" because the Pin@y would just cook the kambing. Bwahahahha.

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