Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Tuesday, July 27, 8PM ET/PT, Navy NCIS, Episode: "Missing" (Gibbs and his team are called to investigate when a Marine disappears from outside a nightclub. )

I don't know if I should be pissed off or not. This episode of NCIS has the following storyline. Four marines are stationed in the Philippines during the 1990's, which is the same time as the American pull out of the military bases. Being marines, the four guys try to smuggle out each of their girlfriends in a shipping container to the United States. However, their orders are changed such that no one cares for the stranded women in the shipping cargo. So, what happens is that the women one by one die. But since they were nice, they gave the food to the youngest one of them.

So, that would not be a problem except for the fact that the survivor is Caucasian!!! Now, someone help me out in here. If the woman was Caucasian, why the hell did they have to smuggle her to the United States? For that matter, why didn't they just marry the women?

So, should I be happy that a Pin@y is not shown in television as a serial murderer? OR, should I be sad that a Caucasian is playing a Pin@y? Surely, there must be enough Pin@y actresses to portray a murderous rampaging Pin@y?

Yes, I can suspend my belief, but in the year 2004, if you tell me that there are not enough Pin@y-Americans who can speak English and who happen to be actresses, I have to think that CBS is just not trying hard enough.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ruger Bolt Action

On Thursday, went to Cuptertino to Kerley's to check out some rifles. J a friend from the office went with me to guide me. On the way, we took Interstate 280. Talk about tough. I was driving in the slow lane at 70 mph and everyone else was passing by me. There was a car full of grandmothers who pointed at me and began laughing because I was driving so slow. Guess what. The CHiPs were around and they were giving out tickets to everyone. And, because people were going so fast, there were a lot more cars pulled to the side with problems like flat tires.

We looked at some new rifles and there were two that seemed possible. The Ruger Bolt Action and the Marlin SQ. The Ruger was a much more expensive rifle at $500. Add a scope and it is an investment at around $700. Whoohoo! The MArlin is made up of fiberglass and feels like plastic. In terms of holding a rifle, I preferred the Ruger because of the walnut, the weight and the way the bolt moved around. The Marlin rifle was made up of some cheaper stocks.

Yesterday, since the fiancee and I were in San Jose for a wedding of a friend of mine, we went to Kerley's. I wanted to verify that the SO enjoyed the feel of the gun I was going to buy. Well, the only hitch was that she enjoyed the Ruger which was not in my budget range. Ooops, I guess I have to wait a bit now before I can purchase that puppy. The good point is that J will let me borrow his beat-up old gun. That way, I can get rid of the excitement of the feel of a gun.

At the wedding, I saw T who is a friend from a previous company. Funny, it's been about a year since we parted ways. She can't believe that I will be married. She said "I want to be in your wedding." Hmm, let's see how many people there are.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Haste Makes Waste

In my excitement, in my haste, I got a parking ticket courtesy of the City of South San Francisco. And though it was only $15, I still believe it was wasteful. Thank you to the city of SSF for understanding that people like me who never had a car before now have to learn how to pay for parking meters.

And what caused my deliberate haste? I was excited to look at a gun shop. Nothing too much. I got to hold a 22 caliber rifle. Was the $15 worth it? Probably not.

But it did prove that I am serious about purchasing a rifle. My friend J showed me a one inch diameter circle with five 22 caliber holes in it. I was awed.

SSF is foggy. Pati nga yung boss ko eh lagi na lang hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang nasa isipan. Aba ngayon, gusto niyang ilagay yung isang tauhan namin bilang nakatatandang posisyon sa trabaho. Eh ayaw naman nuon duon sa posisyon na iyon. At hindi din siya masyadong magilas. Naku, patay. Makikita ko na ako rin balang araw and kailangang sumagot duon.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Went with the fiancee to the gun range yesterday. I believe I am hooked with marksmanship. Totally awesome. I can see shooting for several hours. Maybe the whole day. I'm thinking of purchasing a .22 caliber rifle just for target shooting.

Fiancee's Target

Tatang's Target

What do you think?

The problem with me is that I get quickly obsessed with things. Just last night, I was surfing and surfing looking for cheap but nice 22 caliber rifles. I tell you, this target shooting is addicting.

The first gun I tried was a Bruno with no telescopes. I used the iron sights just like any world war 2 veteran in the field. The first three shots that I took was off too high. The next ones found the vicinity of the target. The rifle was lighter than I expected. But I can definitely see how in the standing position, it is nearly impossible to shoot accurately.

The next gun was a Ruger semi-automatic with a holoscan viewing, no magnification. Shooting was easier because you have at least a scope that gave you an idea. The Ruger was modified to change the sensitivity of the trigger.

The target that you see above was done with a rifle with a magnifying target. Very nice for me, but the SO has a much nicer spread.

Now, do I go out and spend 2600 for an Olympic style gun? Bwahahahha. Will the SO think it romantic if instead of wedding rings, I give his and hers matching rifles?

Friday, July 16, 2004

Switch and switch back
I got temporarily moved to a division where I had to do some work with mice.  Guess what.  No instruments.  I had to scrounge around for my Biology 1A dissecting kit.  Lo and behold, it is still there and quite good.  I have used it more in the last week than in the Bio 1A class about seventeen years ago.  Time flies.
Life has been hectic and intense.  New company party was yesterday.  It's good I believe.  Very positive.  I hope to acquire money and experience in this one. 

Saturday, July 10, 2004


Eileen is busily fondling PinoyPoetics. Now I know it is not a Brad-Pitt-painted-bronze-body-Achilles-butt nor is it the fur-clad-distended-dog-Achilles-penis which you twenty million voyeurs of the chatelaine's world are used to ogling and fantasizing about. But maybe, just maybe you should fondle PinoyPoetics too. It will break the world of English into pieces and let you kill your God and eat him too.

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Marcos' grandson

I just read Wily's comments on the Marcos dynasty. And while he complains about the excess and the injustice perpetrated by the Marcos clan, all I can do is smile and realize that democracy in its truest sense resides in the Philippines.

What nasty drug am I on? None. I simply realize that in a democratic government, things like the Marcos clan going scot-free and not paying one cent goes hand in hand with the freedoms and liberty given by said democracy. It is a nasty little secret that no one seems to have been taught in government class. Once you have money, you can pretty much do anything you want.

And I have to disagree with Wily that corruption has anything to do with it. I believe that the Marcos clan and Imelda specifically can get away with many, many things precisely because the Philippines is a land of laws. With Imelda hiring the best and brightest of American trained lawyers and then sicking said lawyers upon the best of the Philippine government lawyers, I did not even need to wait to know for sure that Imelda will not pay one cent or centavo to the Filipino people.

Is it justice? Nope. Is it right? Nope. Everyone with half a brain knows they stole incalculable amounts of money. The trick is proving it. Therein lies the secret to the Marcos clan. With enough lawyers, they can manipulate and warp the laws. They don't even need to dip into the corruption barrel, although I am sure they are in cahoots with some senators.

The small solace I have is that in Asia, the Philippines is one cradle of democracy. In fact, I see democracy thrive more in the Philippines than in the Unites States. Need proof? Go see Edsa 1 and 2. When the people have the power to oust presidents/dictators, they have democracy.

As for Marcos' grandson from which Wily's post comes from, ahh, he is not worthy to carry Apo Marcos' soiled loin cloth. When Marcos wanted justice, he took a gun, shot the target, then convinced the Supreme Court that he was innocent. Ahh, now those were days of not-so-democratic government. Those were days of justice.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Random Thoughts

WHile listening to the radio on the drive over to work, I hear that the Pope is 84 years old. He was born in 1920, one year before my father was born. And I wondered how my father would be now if he had lived to 83 years old.

The beauty of life is its fleeting moments. How somethings could be looming so large and in a few days, it becomes worthless almost comical. I have to remember that as I work. I can not bring the frustrations of work at home. It is only a means for me to pay the bills. There are other ways to pay the bills.

I got a hold of some people I worked with in a previous position in a large German company. I thought that they would retire in that place. I guessed wrong. They were laid off just this year. One of them was there for about seven years. The other was there for about twenty plus years. Amazing!

I have not been writing because of the work. I must apply my ass to the seat and begin writing again.

A picnic on campus

After six years, I asked the SO the Question. Since we both have scoffed at tradition, I thought that I would try to figure out how to do it romantically. I also hoped that it would be something that she would not have expected.

By Saturday morning, I was off to buy the picnic things. I figured that I should make or cook things that the SO has taught me to make. The menu:

grapes & nectarines
melons with prosciutto
bread with smoked salmon
bread with prosciutto
Port Salut cheese
Tiramisu cake
chocolate meringues

I asked one of the SO's friends to play the guitar. While the Song was playing, I asked the SO to dance with me. I haven't danced with her in a while. One of her cousins got the flowers, and I gave her the flowers. A dozen red roses. Just fragrant and beautiful. Then, I placed the jewelry box in the midst of the roses. And I knelt and asked the question.

She said YES! And I was a happy camper from then on.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Biyernes na naman

Ayan, isa na namang biyernes. Bilog pa ang buwan. Naku, ewan ko na lang kung magiging maganda ang araw na ito. Nung mga ilang makaraang taon, kapag bilog ang buwan, nagiging mas eksiting and buhay ko. Ngunit napuna ko na yung mga huling kabuwanan, hindi masyadong mabilis o nakalulungkot kapag bilog ang buwan. Sana ang araw na ito ay maging matahimik at hindi magulo.

Naku, lumabas na ang araw. Mainit ngayon sigurado ito. Sabagay, namakalamig naman dito nitong huling mga araw.

Ingat mga kaibigan. Kuwentuhan ko na lang kayo mamayang gabi. Maligayang kaarawan kay Amerika. Ang aking tahanan.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Thursday 1 July 04

The fourth of July is coming up. Unfortunately, I'll have to come to work on Monday, which is the holiday. The commute today was $3 for the bridge. But I got to work in about forty minutes. A 16 wheeler cut me off as I was getting into the fast trak lane on the Bay Bridge. May that driver get what he deserves.

Have I told everyone here how everyone sucks at driving in Northern California? Why are you travelling at 50 mph on an offramp where people are merging left and right? Are you an ******? I picked up the SO last night from Daly City. Remarkably, I did not get lost. I did hit the tire against the curb. Damn. I hope the car did not get hurt.

And work is insane. I don't know how the company lops around with so much work to be done. It is insane. I hope it gets better. Somehow I doubt it. I can't lose sight of the fact that I can not be afraid of losing this job. That I work for myself. That I can do most any job that I put my mind to it. Somehow, I can't get lost in the depression of work.