Sunday, July 25, 2004

Ruger Bolt Action

On Thursday, went to Cuptertino to Kerley's to check out some rifles. J a friend from the office went with me to guide me. On the way, we took Interstate 280. Talk about tough. I was driving in the slow lane at 70 mph and everyone else was passing by me. There was a car full of grandmothers who pointed at me and began laughing because I was driving so slow. Guess what. The CHiPs were around and they were giving out tickets to everyone. And, because people were going so fast, there were a lot more cars pulled to the side with problems like flat tires.

We looked at some new rifles and there were two that seemed possible. The Ruger Bolt Action and the Marlin SQ. The Ruger was a much more expensive rifle at $500. Add a scope and it is an investment at around $700. Whoohoo! The MArlin is made up of fiberglass and feels like plastic. In terms of holding a rifle, I preferred the Ruger because of the walnut, the weight and the way the bolt moved around. The Marlin rifle was made up of some cheaper stocks.

Yesterday, since the fiancee and I were in San Jose for a wedding of a friend of mine, we went to Kerley's. I wanted to verify that the SO enjoyed the feel of the gun I was going to buy. Well, the only hitch was that she enjoyed the Ruger which was not in my budget range. Ooops, I guess I have to wait a bit now before I can purchase that puppy. The good point is that J will let me borrow his beat-up old gun. That way, I can get rid of the excitement of the feel of a gun.

At the wedding, I saw T who is a friend from a previous company. Funny, it's been about a year since we parted ways. She can't believe that I will be married. She said "I want to be in your wedding." Hmm, let's see how many people there are.

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