Tuesday, July 06, 2004

A picnic on campus

After six years, I asked the SO the Question. Since we both have scoffed at tradition, I thought that I would try to figure out how to do it romantically. I also hoped that it would be something that she would not have expected.

By Saturday morning, I was off to buy the picnic things. I figured that I should make or cook things that the SO has taught me to make. The menu:

grapes & nectarines
melons with prosciutto
bread with smoked salmon
bread with prosciutto
Port Salut cheese
Tiramisu cake
chocolate meringues

I asked one of the SO's friends to play the guitar. While the Song was playing, I asked the SO to dance with me. I haven't danced with her in a while. One of her cousins got the flowers, and I gave her the flowers. A dozen red roses. Just fragrant and beautiful. Then, I placed the jewelry box in the midst of the roses. And I knelt and asked the question.

She said YES! And I was a happy camper from then on.

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