Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Haste Makes Waste

In my excitement, in my haste, I got a parking ticket courtesy of the City of South San Francisco. And though it was only $15, I still believe it was wasteful. Thank you to the city of SSF for understanding that people like me who never had a car before now have to learn how to pay for parking meters.

And what caused my deliberate haste? I was excited to look at a gun shop. Nothing too much. I got to hold a 22 caliber rifle. Was the $15 worth it? Probably not.

But it did prove that I am serious about purchasing a rifle. My friend J showed me a one inch diameter circle with five 22 caliber holes in it. I was awed.

SSF is foggy. Pati nga yung boss ko eh lagi na lang hindi ko maintindihan kung ano ang nasa isipan. Aba ngayon, gusto niyang ilagay yung isang tauhan namin bilang nakatatandang posisyon sa trabaho. Eh ayaw naman nuon duon sa posisyon na iyon. At hindi din siya masyadong magilas. Naku, patay. Makikita ko na ako rin balang araw and kailangang sumagot duon.

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