Sunday, August 24, 2003

The 10 year reunion.

The SO's reunion was last night at the Claremont Hotel . This was an elegant and classy location. Comparing it to the SO's sister's reunion which was held at the San Francisco Metreon is not even an option. The Claremont is just magnificent in its classiness and its panache. I wish I could get married there, but it becomes a silly issue of money. I believe it would be so extravagant that it would not be funny. Furthermore, I have let go of many desires. Or rather, I have more overriding desires such as becoming financially independent.

We ended up having dinner at Jordan's. The dinner was superb. The appetizers were twice-dipped fried softshell crab and an order of seared ahi tuna.

From their menu:

Sansho Pepper & Wasabi Crusted Tuna
Soba Noodles, Grated Daikon, Ginger, Tempura Sauce, Picked Vegetables

Jordan's Spicy Crab Cake
Carrot, Daikon & Orange Salad with Sweet and Sour Chile Vinaigrette

We ordered a white wine with the appetizer. The ahi tuna was good. However, Thompsons' tuna burger in Napa was a better and more delicate dish. This tuna was linear in taste. There was no complexity in texture in that the seared portion was the same texture as the raw portion. I believe it might be because the tuna was not the freshest or the best piece. The softshell crab was pure delight in contrast to the disappointment of the mediocrity of the tuna. The texture was crusty and contrasted well with the softshell crab. The spiciness was just right. It was definitely a sin to eat that crab. I had to only eat a quarter of the crab because I figure it was so good it can't be that good for your health. (Yes, there is a discrepancy. I was quite sure what we ordered was twice-dipped softshell crab, but I did not see it in their menu from the internet)

Earlier in the afternoon, I asked the SO if she wanted to eat at the restaurant or not. I was all good with a McDonald's dinner. i figured that they would have some finger food at the reunion. However, the right choice was to go to Jordan's. We fit right in with our formal wear. Other guests were semi-formally dressed too. I did not feel overdressed at all.

Sadly, I did not get the wine names. The main meal was composed of veal and lamb. From their menu:

Pan Roasted Rack of Lamb
Baby Fingerling Potatoes, Baby Vegetables, Truffle & Mustard Vinaigrette

Veal (Special of the Day)--Description not included

I always thought that the statement "it's so good it melts in your mouth" only applied to M&Ms. Well, apparently, there is a type of lamb which is so soft that you really don't have to bite that hard in order for it to meld with your taste buds. Absolutely awesome. I have to figure out where they get that lamb. It was tasty, medium rare and just right. I saw someone else order his lamb well done and it's just not that great. He was hacking away at the piece of meat as if he was carving a piece of stone.

I managed to taste the veal and it too was melting in my mouth. The SO said that the cow probably only moved an inch or so during its whole life. God Bless the agriculture industry and their messed up way of raising cattle that allows meat so soft to be served on a platter.

I grabbed a merlot with this dinner while the SO grabbed a cabernet sauvignon. You know, Jordans was very generous with their wine portions. They know that people drink so they gave you enough wine for two servings. Excellent! I had enough wine at the end of the meal that I had a good buzz going for about two hours.

Well, it's not as if I had to really talk to people, right? It's not my reunion.

REcommendation: Jordans receives the crooked thumbs up from me. If you are in the Oakland hills area, drop by and dine in. It's fantastic.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Working in a comapny. Feng-shui. Three.

The tiger is a much better consultant for fenshui than the monkey. But monkeys being highly intelligent, I figured what the heck, I can learn this. I never did look at the company's fengshui till only a few weeks ago. Someone said that while you work at a place, you will be blind to the forces until you begin looking for it. I could not explain the utter lack of success in the building we were in. I credited the management with the bleeding money. But I slowly saw that the water faucets were also dripping. A sure sign of failing finances.

Finally one day, I just looked at bagua of the building. I had rescued this dying plant. I swear, it only had 15-20 leaves left. It was as dry as the desert. I managed to rescue it to the point where new leaves started showing up. I figured that I should place it in the money corner of the building. Well, I drew the outline of the building and realized that the real estate company next door cut into the company's money corner. No wonder the real estate company had success. They had their own money corner and they also took our money corner.

Just several days ago, I moved the plant again because it need to grow leaves on the other side. I decided to move it into the corridor closer to where the money corner would go. Guess what. There was a pillar where the money corner is located. You can't win with this building. You are truly, truly fubared.

They need to just start over again in some other place because this building was cursed from the day the outline to the building was done. I can not think of a way in which to fix it.

And this brings me to the twelve thousand products. My best bet is that it will not happen. People are looking for other jobs. They are going to interviews for that matter. They can just be picky and that is why they have not left yet. But the end is near. It's nine months and counting.

Where is that diablo 2 disk?

Working in a plant. Two.

Twelve thousand product units. I am transfixed because at our best month, we produced 500 products. This is without that bullshit of manipulating the numbers. You know, the plant could not finish the 500 products in March so we finish it in April. Then we finish the April lot in April. For the month of April, we made 1000 product units. That is bullshit and a four year old will you that it is bullshit.

I can understand the power of positive thinking. Reality is what your mind perceives. Hell, I use it everyday at work. I tell people there that I am SEXY. At first, people laughed. They could not believe my gall. After a while, they simply tolerated me. Now, SEXY is my name. I walk down the halls and they whistle after my sexiness. I turn and model my new outfit for them if I like them. It brings them a smile. It makes the workday go that much faster. Is it Friday yet?

But positive thinking while taking crack cocaine is never a good thing. How else do we explain how someone came up with such outrageous numbers? How else do we explain the absolute disconnect from management to workers? How else do I stay sane with twelve thousand becoming infinite?

One way that was suggested although it was mentioned surreptitiously was through "minimal validation." Hehehe. I had to smile at that one. I always thought that you had to validate all equipment used in the production process. Now, I am being told by my manager and another manager that the company does not have to use validated equipment. You have to double think that one just to make sure you did not make a mistake.

Another QA/QC director was asked her opinion. She said that "Yes, sometimes validation is not necessary. In their dreams!" Ahh, maybe when I think that I am awake, I am actually in someone else's dream. That would make sense because then, I would not be forced to agree to many silly things. It seems like I have no control of my work. Yes, maybe I am actually a part of someone else's dreams.

But in case I am not dreaming, then this is a sad reality for me. I better begin looking for a new job because this current one isn't going to be easy. Even now, people are stopping their thinking process and just going along with the program. If the company has taught me anything, it is how not to manage. I can not imagine a place so mismanaged. I understand why the company struggles.

Working in a plant.

Life is the constant change that happens. This past work week was hard in many different levels. The month of August is ending so it brings the company that much closer to the closure of the plant. The company has one less month to produce twelve thousand boxes of product. Twelve thousand. That is a lot of product to produce from September to April. It might as well be infinite.

Sometimes, the monkey wonders what all the other animals in the company are thinking. Do they really think that making products is this easy? Don't they know that we tried all these things before and we could not pull it off? Life is never perfect. Orders don't come in as predicted. Materials are dropped. Equipment break down. Life happens.

Early Monday morning, we were given a breakdown for our production schedule. The first four months, we will make a thousand kits. The next four months we will make two thousand kits. Twelve thousand. It might as well be infite.

How can you make product at this rate when things are not organized? That is one of the complaints at the manufacturing farm. They get their orders to work at eleven o'clock in the morning. Fully four hours after sitting around and doing nothing. They then proceed to work until nightfall to finish everything. If the plant manager could just get his shit together and actually schedule for the DAY, it would be better. Mind you, the company used to create these nice little schedules that lasted for two months. It took me about two weeks to figure out that they could not hold their schedules.

Hell, even with an engineer acting as plant manager, the schedule always had its wheels fall off. And was anyone ever sorry that the schedule fell off or that we are no longer staying on schedule? Nope. It's never upper management's fault. It is always the fault of the plant workers.

How can you produce twelve thousand when people are leaving? The inventory supervisor left. It took them nearly a month to find a replacement. Did they find someone who is competent? The jury is still out.

But from the looks of it, inventory is not as easy as it sounds. I would have thought that you just count things and write them down. Apparently, when you use this old software that was never updated, it is not as easy. The interface takes a while to learn. The system is antiquated so stuff that makes sense to do should not be done. I thought about becoming inventory. But I realized that I would have to deal with difficult people who like to run things in a different way than a QUALITY way. So I skipped that job.

The facilities supervisor left in April. When did they find a replacement? August. Can you believe that? Meanwhile, all sorts of equipment begin breaking down. The water system needed a sanitization. A contract company came to do that. Guess what. After three weeks, the water system had a contamination. What great work! I won't even discuss the current problems just because I am afraid something will break down over the weekend.

Tonight, I will go to the tiger's high school reunion. It's the tenth year reunion for the tiger. I did not attend my tenth year reunion because I was still in graduate school and I did not have the requisite $250 to go. Besides, my high school friends were not going. What was I going to do? Hang out with people I did not know? Yeah, that would have been great.

Crap, I'm in the area of middle age now. I thought that by now, I would be up to my ass in student loans and slaving away as a physician. It's a good thing that I had other opportunities pop out of nowhere. It's a good thing that some elders took me aside and gave me an opportunity to learn. Life would be much harder if I were alone. With my parent having passed through this mortal realm, my siblings and I really have no elders to turn to. It is a lonely thought. It is a liberating thought.

But back to the reunion. Yes, this is the tenth for the tiger. Nothing too big has happened yet. Nothing ever does until the 20th or the 25th. By that time, everyone has lost someone so they are more humble. They have children so they have been punished for their crimes in youth. And some would have grandchildren. But granchildren are reserved for those who were just plain evil in one form or another.

As I said, I did not attend mine. But what I heard was that the reunion had a change of date and venue. Apparently, the class valedictorian came all the way back only to find that the reunion was not being held. I would be a little bit pissed off. How about you?

The tiger has a bunny friend. The bunny friend does not wish to go to the reunion because of some weak excuse or other. So, this monkey is going to impersonate the bunny and tell all the other bunnies that the bunny had a sex change operation. Furthermore, once I started taking testosterone, I grew! Whoa, who the hell knew that the bunny could be so tall? This monkey assumes that there are many, many bunnies there. It should be fun pulling all their tails. Maybe, if this monkey gets lucky, he will manage to cut off a bunny paw or two.

Nooooooo. The tiger says to the monkey that the monkey must behave. BEHAVE!!! Monkey promises to behave. Monkey's fingers are twisted around so many times behind his back. HIHIHIHI.

Men and women. Dating. I have never understood this phenomena in my life.

I wish I could say that I was the Romeo of my high school. But whatever level of testosterone was circulating in my blood stream during those years, it was not enough for me to begin the hunt for the old wifey. Let's face it. I had a lot of fears. Fears of rejection were the main ones. But now that I look back on it, what was there to fear? I wish I knew then what I know now. That regret is a pretty heavy burden to carry. What if... What if... What if.

I do know one thing. My life would be drastically different now if I had followed through with some of my earlier choices. It's funny. During high school, I thought that the women I met were the one I was destined to marry. How could they not be? My heart just dropped when I was not with her. And my heart merrily skipped along when I was with her. I had never seen a girl affect physiological systems before.

What I do see now is that at each stage of your life, there is a perfect someone who will make you happy. The only problem is that three stages from now, they might not be the right fit for you anymore. And thus, we have divorces. Divorce is the poor man's version of a vacation, a new car, a vacation home or separate bedrooms.

Could it have been nearly twenty years ago that I was pining away from the women of my high school. If I remember correctly, several of them now have children. Heck, some of them have ten year old kids. And I at least know of one who has an eighteen year old!!!! Talk about a different life!

I remember one friend named Zyva (names have been changed to protect me) who is beautiful, intelligent and just plain cute without makeup. Now if you have a criteria for beauty, that is it. Is the woman beautiful without makeup? Or, do you have to spackle the makeup on to make them look presentable?

I met Zyva in my math class. "Wow", I said. "That one is really cute." And through the school year, she also proved herself to be one of the smartest people. I kept trying to get the highest score only to have her score really high. I was straight from the Philippines and was as shy as a plant. The only time I moved was when the breeze blew. Then, I couldn't help but flap my leaves in a vain attempt to say hello.

A year passes and Zyva is now in my English class. But she sits so far from me. No matter, she sits next to me in my math class again! God bless Geometry because I always sat next behind Zyva! While trying to do geometric proof that a line through two points is a straight line, I could lovingly look at Zyva's lovely hair. Sometimes, I even looked at it througout the class period. How soft could the hair be? I never touched a girl's hair before. Ooops, I better pay better attention. Mr. Kohn might be discussing a three step proof.

I began to talk a little bit to Zyva from time to time. Unfortunately at the end of the schoolyear, I saw something that changed both of our lives forever. She was at the window signalling someone. Suddenly I saw her signal that signal that said "I love you." Only this time, she was looking out of the window and not straight to me. Suddenly, my stomach sank. My life just went out of me. I knew. She was in love with someone else.

I looked out from the third floor window and saw a guy signalling back to Zyva. I was too late. Just that morning, I was trying to figure out how to ask Zyva on a date. Do I hold her books when I walk her home? If I do that, how do I get home? I don't even know where she lives. Crap, I might get lost. Well, it doesn't matter now. Someone else is holding her books.

My thoughts drifted to other women in the high school after that. But I always remained attracted to Zyva. She was beautiful with a tinge of tragedy to her. I could never explain. Actually, I have seen it in a few women from time to time. Their faces have the look of eternal sadness etched onto water. Sometimes you see the sadness so clearly. Sometimes you will see their happy face tinged with the sadness. Everything they do, they are followed by tragedy.

The what-if of Zyva followed me well into graduate school until a friend of mine suggested that I contact her. I heard that Zyva had some children and was happily married. I figured I had no right to do that just to rest some skeletons in my closet. No, I had to rest this memory on my own. But if I ever have the opportunity to dance the tango with Zyva, I think this time I will.

Friday, August 22, 2003

It was the SO's sister's birthday tonight. A night worthy of celebration. The sister was born in the year of the boar. If you know anything about Chinese zodiacs, boars or pigs don't really appreciate the beauty and majesty of monkeys like yours truly. The setting is Bonsai restaurant a Japanese sushi place. The monkey and the tiger arrived fashionably late.

Lo and behold, everyone was seated at one of those sunken tables. Though monkeys are nimble and dexterous, our particular hero monkey is not as nimble or never has been that nimble. Taking care not to splatter his face, the intrepid hero monkey climbed into the wooden contraption designed to weed out the non-nimble from the dexterous. With the care and attention, it took the monkey several minutes before being able to descend into the abyss.

The monkey began to play and pull the boar tail because the monkey figured that the boar really got away with having to host a party by staying silent. Passive aggressive anyone?

Since the boar had some pet cats, the monkey pulled the tail by suggesting cat dinery. A party participant suggested that siopao is the ideal way to prepare cat. The SO suggested that one could color code the siopao depending on which cat it was. So, the monkey said "Oh, I guess we need five colors. One for each cat."

The boar did not appreciate that remark.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A clinical study today suggests that marijuana smoking is not harmful in the short term effects to AIDS infected people. Well, DUH!!! These people are facing death, drinking medicine that is just plain poison, and have a bleak future. No shit that marijuana has no short term effects.

Sunday, August 17, 2003

On Wednesday, I was walking home and saw truck painted with an advertisement for a boxing event. I called up the SO really quickly because it had been mentioned that a boxing event would be a very good thing to see. The boxing fight was held at the Oakland Arena and promoted by Biz Productionz which is "Promoting to Another Level". To date, this is the first boxing event I have witnessed.

Choices had to be made as to the seats. Should we go for the $27 or the 47$ or the courtside seats? Who the hell knew? But one thing was known, I have never sat on courtside seats for any event before. So, it was with luck that we spent the money and grabbed the $110 courtside seats. The jump in price was due to the handling fees. Otherwise, it would have been a reasonable $90.

The fight of the night for me was the one between Luis Perez (5-1, 2 KO's) versus Justo Almazan (11-30). This fight taught me that there are boxers out there who make this their living. They go into the ring, scoot around, throw punches and entertain the crowd. It looks from my vantage point as one hell of a way to make a living. I don't think I would last. But they are the modern day gladiators. My body versus your body. My hands versus your hands.

Jorge "Justo" Almazan hails from San Diego California. He was booed because his opponent was from Salinas. Jose Celaya who is part of the main event is from Salinas and a lot of the townfolk came over to come and see the fight. Justo's record is 11-30 and this made me cringe. My first thought was he was going to get killed. I felt sorry for him when he came out. He was about 5' 5" with a body that was not really defined by muscle. I thought he was a patsy so that the kid can even up his record. I figured that I was about to see why boxing is hated by people. This fight will be brutal, bloody and an example of why boxing should be banned.

The first two rounds, the kid Luis Perez looked phenomenal. He certainly had a muscularly defined body and had the invincibility of youth sparkling over him. His punches ripped through the air and slammed into Justo's body. The kid's speed was infused by energy. Meanwhile, Justo just shuffled around, peeked between his gloves, and landed some blows to the left side of the head of the kid.

By the third round, this fight was not going to be a knockout. The kid seemed to get tired. He did not move as much. His punches were slower. The So remarked that this was going to be a 6 round fight. Justo was going to make sure he lasted through six rounds. In the third round, Just made some moves.

It was artistic in the way that a day laborer breaks the earth with a shovel. It was mundane. Boxing was a job for Justo. First and foremost in his mind was to continually give everyone a show. There will be no running away. Each second of each round will be a punching contest. Not too many punches though or he will tire himself out like the kid.

Nope, this boxer is at his job. Jab…Jab… Jab. Go to the ropes. Lean back. Take some of the kids punches. Look for the opening. Right cross. Shuffle around. Give the kid some room to move around. Make sure the people in Section A can see the show. Jab…Jab. Lean on the ropes again. Peek. Shit, here comes a straight. Block that one with the hands. Peek. Right cross to the head again. Hope that the judges are seeing blows to the head. The kid is mainly hitting the arms.

The fifth was a hard round. The kid managed to stagger Justo. Lean more on the rope. Cover up the face and the head. Let the blows fall on the hands. Where's the bell? It's gotta come soon. Justo needs a rest. The kid got a lucky shot in. Pretty powerful shot at that. If the kid learns how to box, he might be ranked some day. Justo peeks and covers up. Finally, the bell rings.

The sixth round was the reason people show up. This is after all boxing. The show has to be given. Dazed for a few moments, Justo needs to put on a show.

Let the arms open to reveal the face. Let the kid see the face of a worker. I've been in this game for ten years. What do you have? Maybe two or three years? You got a long way to go. I was never fast. I was never cocky. It was just a good pay for the family. I do this to feed the kids. Maybe one of them will become a doctor. Then, they won't know what I had to go through.

Justo starts on the offensive. Jab…Jab…Blow to the face. Justo is also tiring. He probably has a second job moving furniture or moving boxes from here to there. After all, how many people actually earn millions of dollars in the world of boxing? 70 percent are just trying to make a living and trying to live. So long as you gon't get hurt too badly, it's a great job with a good purse.

Damn, Justo has to get the show going. The kid is too tired. His punches aren't doing anything. Just leans against the ropes and cover s up. Okay kid, let's see you put on a show. The kid sees the opening after missing so many of them. Punches are thrown. It's not hard since the opponent is not moving. The kid throws a combination. Next thing you know, the kid gets a right cross from Justo. Where is that shot coming from the kid wonders.

The last fifteen seconds is man against man. Punches explode. Time slows down. The crowd is roaring even more. DING!! DING!!! Everything stops. It's over. Where's the kid? Justo goes over and hugs and congratulates the kid. The kid's eyes are glazed over. Who will win? The kid was more aggressive. He shuffled with the magic of youth. Justo somehow managed not to trip when he moved. The kid chased. Justo stood and took the punches to the arms. But Justo also gave some shots to the head.

It's a unanimous decision. Justo Almazan wins the bout. A quarter of the people cheer for the working man who wins one because he is a boxer. Hits to the head are better than punches blocked by the arms. Shuffling off is better than the chase if there are no punches that hit the body.

Justo rejoices. Ten people scream his name. Ten people celebrate the workman efficiency. He's probably got kids at home waiting for word to come from their father. They couldn't come tonight because that would just cost too much money. The trainers take off the gloves. Justo raises his hands to the audience. As he leaves the arena, he hears someone shouting his name. He looks over. A hand is offered in appreciation for his fight. He taps the hand and smiles.

He walks off the building having won his twelfth fight. Where's the next fight again? How many weeks before I can let the swelling go down? Justo will wait for that tomorrow. For now, it's a great night to be a boxer.

Saturday, August 16, 2003

I curse Representative Issa with all the power and might of the law of supply and demand. I curse him with the weight of GAAP. I hope the full anger of the Lord Almighty descend upon him and make him regret that he funded this damned California recall.

And as my fellow Californians develop into wimps and sad sacks, I cringe at the future of this great state. This recall election is simple escape goating. Blame someone for the failure of businesses to keep their collective pants buttoned and belted. Businesses went on a binge of absolute stupidity. Led by the computer industry and the web technology sector, people marketed nothing and investors supported them! Give money to a company that does not have product. Why, that was SMART!!!

My anger just simmers whenever I hear that this is Gray Davis' fault. Davis has acted like a fucking Republican in office. He has let the market sort itself out. When people were calling for him to act, he acted. And now, they are unhappy. If we place Ahnold S. in office and we had the same problems with energy, he would say what Bush would say, "Let the market sort itself out." There would be no fucking difference.

Instead, California is faced with the possibility of having Ahnold become governor. Has anyone heard from Jesse the Body Ventura the former governor of Minnesota? You think Ahnold will get anything done? Look at Ventura's gridlock in the state of Minnesota. He could not accomplish anything because he pissed people off. Yeah, that's what we need for one of the largest economies in the world.

As for Davis, he needs some god-damned public service announcements lambasting the damned republicans for fucking up the budget. Play hardball and throw the shit with some sting!!!

Fucking wimpy Democrats!!! ARgghhhhh!

Thursday, August 14, 2003

I just visited scf. It is a desert out there. I don't think there is an entertainment value left at all. There were over 3000 messages. I basically deleted out 2000 messages. Most of the other messages are just short blurbs that sputtered and congealed on the minds of the writers. Where the hell will I get inspiration, mana and juice to light up this blog?

But on to food!!! I bought a bottle of soy milk from Ranch 99 because I ran out of the usual soymilk in a box. I was surprised to learn that the Golden Gate soymilk tasted like taho. Taho is that warm dessert that enchants my childhood. It is warm, magical, and sweet.

Since I was delighted with the soymilk, I decided that perhaps I can switch to the Chinese soymilk. Lo and behold, I get so addicted to soymilk that I end up buying some soymilk from the local grocery store. Unfortunately, the soymilk in American stores tastes just like milk. There is no hint of taho.

I finally get to Chinatown and manage to buy some soymilk. Unfortunately, I pick the soymilk bottles that were in the fridge. Big mistake. This is Chinatown. If it is fresh, it is not refrigerated. It ends up that the two bottles of soymilk are contaminated with bacteria. How do I Know? Well, the first bottle when opened had such a nasty stench that I had to just throw it out. The second bottle was bitter. I figured it was just the way it was made. Big mistake. It was turning into yogurt. After two days in the fridge, it congealed into a mass.

After learning this bitter lesson, I ended up buying some soymilk that was warm. Still fresh from the factory pasteurization process which is not that effective. Otherwise, the two bottles would not have been contaminated.

Go out there and buy some soymilk.
Was surfing soc.culture.filipino and someone posted an article about affirmative action from the following website:

I suggest you check out the website. I'll try to reply and find the actual page on it later.

Scouting and its position on homosexuality is another one of those absurd things that come at me today. I used to be a scout in the Philippines. I was attracted by the awards, the commendations, and the ribbons of achievements that one could do. It was like a real life adventure that you could enter in life. After all, camping is perfect for the urban side of the Philippines where the local neighborhood has its own jungle.

But now of course, the Boy Scouts have this stand on homosexuality being incompatible with being a scout leader. Excuse me if I am wrong, but I thought homosexuality was based on male to male relationships. I don't think homosexuality means that the men like little boys. Maybe someone can write a letter to the Boy Scouts.

But you know what this reminds me of? Why the Catholic church of course. God Bless us all Catholics. We have to deal with the sexually repressed priests out there who have to make wonderful decisions about the Mother Church. Imagine! A priest molests a child. The parents complain. Presto! The priest is transferred to another parish where the priest is ready to molest another child. Now, that is a reprehensible act. Both the priest and the priests who manage the parish.

I am simply aghast at the lack of morality and conscience that these bastards did. I hope that there is a special place in hell for the priests who simply allowed molesters to move from one parish to another. I want them to feel the pain of the victims for eternity. Sure, sure, vengeance is for God alone, but damn, no one ever told me that I can't give God some hints at things that can be improved.

Anyways, someone tell the Boy Scouts that what they are looking for is located in the Catholic Church. It's too bad because I was hoping that my kids could join the scouts. I just hope the girl scouts are a separate entity because then maybe my son or daughter can join in the selling of massive quantities of cookies. It's better to support a conglomerate like the Girl Scouts than to support a homophobic entity like the boy scouts.

Sunday, August 10, 2003

I finally succumbed to the digital revolution and bought a DVD player. Initially, I wanted to purchase a DVD recorder, but since the price of those machines are still at the $400-$800 range, I did not. I made a deal with myself that I will not buy a DVD player unless it was around the $250. That was a successful campaign as this DVD player only cost me $80. I will also try to not buy the DVD recorder unless it is in the $250 price range.

I bought some DVDs to celebrate the new acquisition. One of the purchases is "Hero" a Hong Kong movie. Besides the great action scene, one of the scene stealers is Hsu Qi who just happens to be one of the most beautiful woman in the world. Wow, she is so good looking, she might be Pin@y.

I have been searching the internet now with the hope of finding other martial arts movies from hong kong. There are some nice outfits out there that sell movies. is excellent as well as

If you want a nice one to start out with, I suggest the swordsman I and swordsman II movies. Just plain good.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Alex Gong a world champion for kickboxing was killed when he caught up to the vehicle which had crashed into his vehicle. Everyone is expressing their shock at the sudden loss of life. I suppose few people have ever seen how special and delicate life can be.

I wonder why Mr. Gong chased this guy. I would have grabbed the license plate and just reported it to the police and the insurance agent. This guy actually took off and chased the guy with his boxing gloves on. Sure, I can understand the anger, but really, is your life worth $20K to $30K? How cheap is your life?

Some would say that I am a coward. Yes, and I still live and breathe. The brave and careless tend to end up dead. Then we call them tragic and heroic. Absolutely silly in my mind if you die because you underestimated the person you are chasing.

I have to wonder how Mr. Gong felt when he was chasing the vehicle. Was he saying that he was about to kick some ass? Was he thinking that he was going to beat up the guy in the car? Did he ever contemplate that the guy might have a gun that can spit out a bullet at very high velocities? Probably not because Mr. Gong never did stop to reconsider.

I look both ways before crossing. A friend suggested that I look like a child when crossing the street. I assume so, but then again, children who look both ways tend up becoming adults who breathe. So next time around, look left and then look right.
3 August 2003

The world is depressing. With all the stupid people out there and the dumb stupid out there, things are just a mess. Let us take the recall election. Blame Gray Davis for the economy? You might as well blame Bush for the weak economy. The greed and dumbness of Darryl Issa is messing up California even more.

Where is one supposed to go with this? One person at a time. You gotta help people one person at a time. Right now, I am trying to help myself. If I can get myself a better job, I might get something that can help others.

Sunday, August 03, 2003

What is so interesting about Diablo? I like to do magic finding. Find items that are imbued with magical properties so that my character can kill demons faster. It is addicting. IT is one reason why I have not bought the warcraft games. I have also decided not to try to get onto the ultima online gameware. I figure that one will destroy my life by getting me obsessed with making quilts.

I thought about EVE online, but it seems that they are always in beta mode. why pay for stuff that is in beta?

Diablo is great except for my aching fingers. I have to keep pushing and pushing the mouse. Where is my cerebral controller?
I have been running away from reality in the land of Diablo II Lord of destruction. There is nothing like destryoying, killing and shooting demons and other vile headed creatures. I release stress this way.

News from work is that they are closing my company's west coast production factory. I have one year maybe less to find a new place of work. Am I worried? I have been trying to change the way I think to "There are opportunities everyday."

My amazon is a level 67. That should tell you something about my state of mind.