Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's All in the Head

It's All In the Head

Last Tuesday, I picked up the Columbia 300 Wrath 13 pound bowling ball from the pro shop. I tried it out on Tuesday evening. I had to wait three hours until league finished. Talk about excited in using a bowling ball.

I got the ball drilled for a fingertip hold. The ball is two pounds heavier than the one I am used to. But, it felt like I had more control.

Unfortunately, league night was not as cooperative. Even though I dropped by and played two games before the league, I did not have absolute control. I guess I was trying the 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock hold and lift too much. I was also dropping the ball.

On Saturday morning, I played ten games in three hours. That was not so memorable either. Although this time around, I was plotting what I was doing in a notebook. I decided that consistency had to be part of the game.

Sunday afternoon, I went bowling again. Amazingly enough, I managed to bowl two games that were 202 and 200. The circumstances were great. There were two groups playing to the right and to the left. I had to stop and basically concentrate on what I was doing. I had to slow down time so that I could feel the delivery. I had to focus my mind. Focus my hand to deliver to the same spot. I used a 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock delivery. I had to focus on my pre-delivery to make sure my hold was at a 45 degree from my hip. The floor target was the break line and the Brooklyn line.

After those two games, I went back to my average. But now, I realize, it's all in the head.


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

A Marine Comes Home

The sacrifices that humans can make are remarkable.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006



I gave my eight Toastmaster speech today on the topic of bowling. I was supposed to use visual aids in the speech. Since Powerpoint was boring, I decided to use bowling shoes, bowling ball and technique as my visual aids. It was quite successful. I did not feel nervous at all. Although, I wish I can prepare speeches much earlier. I feel that I keep winging the speeches. Two more to go and I will get the competent communicator level. Yipee!!!

AND, I picked up the new bowling ball today. I had to wait 2.5 hours to play, but wait I did. WOW! What a difference the fingertip hold gave me. Talk about rotation. Talk about hooking. Of course, with the Wrath bowling ball, the coverstock is so good that my mistakes were forgiven. I actually bowled approximately 135 average. Talk about great. I had about five or six spares/strikes. Awesome. This was a definite improvement. Now, I just have to practice and find my targets.

Monday, August 07, 2006



I have been thinking about transformations the last few weeks. I have asked myself what I wanted to be in the future. Did I want to continue in my current career as a legal analyst or should I switch to another game? Did I want to continue doing what I currently do for the next twenty years?

I came late into the game. I came late into admitting that I love money. Money is a way to live comfortable. No, money is not everything, but it sure makes life easy. Money can't buy you love. But, love is easier with money around. As the SO says, without money, the first thing out of the window is love.

So I admit that I love money. I like money. I enjoy what money can buy. Comfort and security. Now, I also have to admit that I am lazy. What I want to do is to just read and become a storage house. I want to just learn. What job is like that? Well, that of an academic, but they don't make too much money. And, most of the times, they can be impractical in the business world.

Until one day, Tuhan said that Warren Buffet just reads. He reads and does the things he has a passion for. Warren Buffet is a futurist. He reads and tries to understand the future. Well, right there, I am halfway to being similar to Warren Buffet. I can read lots.

As a start, I began reading the book The Rational Manager. Then, the SO got a subscription for the Wall Street Journal. Now, I read the journal. Lately, there was an interview where someone suggested the book The Future Executive: A Guide to Tomorrow's Mangers by Harlan Cleveland from 1972. Constructive ambiguity : The people who lead in complex organization are not the people who look for structure but those who recognize that important and complex decisions involve ambiguity. Mr White advised people to get as much diverse experience as possible.

Since I probably did not achieve a second round interview in the previous application, I tried for a project manager position. It reports to the vice-president for the legal firm that I am in. I don't know if I can make it. The SO said that I will learn new things. I believe that it will let me be a creative executive. One who understands other things that are essential in business.

Already I see that I must be more adventuresome. That I need to fear less. That I need to become risk taker.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Searching for the Past

Searching for Ancestors

Got an e-mail asking me about my hometown. It might turn out to be a cousin of mine. What a hoot! It's like finding a needle in a haystack.

Bowling was disappointing. We ended up losing 3 of 4. However, the other team had to bowl way above their averages to beat us. One bowler was in the 220's while the other one had to hit 200's.

I am taking tai-chi. Still have to figure out which style. It will probably depend more on the time of the class more than anything else. I found on the internet that the horse stance is really called the horse-riding stance. Imagine how your legs would look like if you were riding a horse.

Haven't heard from the interview. Probably did not make it to the second round. The good side is that I learned what I needed to work on.

Got an inquiry for a wedding. The SO will speak with the bride-to-be.

Busy at work what with all the files that need closing.

Oh, did I mention that soc.culture.filipino is a wasteland? Not one interesting thread. I can't help but smile. When it comes down to it, as a writer, you either have it or you don't.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Well, bowling has been pretty good. This past week, I actually managed to bowl above my average of 110 and somewhat carried the team. The previous weak was a bad one what with the gout pained right ankle. The average score was 70 two weeks ago. Yuck.

We were in third place at the start of the evening. By the end, we were in second place. We managed to sweep the other team.

The job has been going along well at the law center. Although, I have not heard about the position I interviewed for. I am still hoping for a second round of interview, but it seems remote. They probably want more experience.

I learned that I needed to do some extra work though. Gotta do some risk assessments.