Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's All in the Head

It's All In the Head

Last Tuesday, I picked up the Columbia 300 Wrath 13 pound bowling ball from the pro shop. I tried it out on Tuesday evening. I had to wait three hours until league finished. Talk about excited in using a bowling ball.

I got the ball drilled for a fingertip hold. The ball is two pounds heavier than the one I am used to. But, it felt like I had more control.

Unfortunately, league night was not as cooperative. Even though I dropped by and played two games before the league, I did not have absolute control. I guess I was trying the 3 o'clock to 9 o'clock hold and lift too much. I was also dropping the ball.

On Saturday morning, I played ten games in three hours. That was not so memorable either. Although this time around, I was plotting what I was doing in a notebook. I decided that consistency had to be part of the game.

Sunday afternoon, I went bowling again. Amazingly enough, I managed to bowl two games that were 202 and 200. The circumstances were great. There were two groups playing to the right and to the left. I had to stop and basically concentrate on what I was doing. I had to slow down time so that I could feel the delivery. I had to focus my mind. Focus my hand to deliver to the same spot. I used a 5 o'clock to 11 o'clock delivery. I had to focus on my pre-delivery to make sure my hold was at a 45 degree from my hip. The floor target was the break line and the Brooklyn line.

After those two games, I went back to my average. But now, I realize, it's all in the head.


ineng said...

good 4u tatang! how old are you anyway? say hi to ur apos 4me!

Jason Grimes said...

Hi There! Just dropping by.

After a long rest! I am gald to inform you that I am back in Circulation again! Hehehehe!

See you in the blog world!

Ravi Shankar said...

nice post