Monday, August 07, 2006



I have been thinking about transformations the last few weeks. I have asked myself what I wanted to be in the future. Did I want to continue in my current career as a legal analyst or should I switch to another game? Did I want to continue doing what I currently do for the next twenty years?

I came late into the game. I came late into admitting that I love money. Money is a way to live comfortable. No, money is not everything, but it sure makes life easy. Money can't buy you love. But, love is easier with money around. As the SO says, without money, the first thing out of the window is love.

So I admit that I love money. I like money. I enjoy what money can buy. Comfort and security. Now, I also have to admit that I am lazy. What I want to do is to just read and become a storage house. I want to just learn. What job is like that? Well, that of an academic, but they don't make too much money. And, most of the times, they can be impractical in the business world.

Until one day, Tuhan said that Warren Buffet just reads. He reads and does the things he has a passion for. Warren Buffet is a futurist. He reads and tries to understand the future. Well, right there, I am halfway to being similar to Warren Buffet. I can read lots.

As a start, I began reading the book The Rational Manager. Then, the SO got a subscription for the Wall Street Journal. Now, I read the journal. Lately, there was an interview where someone suggested the book The Future Executive: A Guide to Tomorrow's Mangers by Harlan Cleveland from 1972. Constructive ambiguity : The people who lead in complex organization are not the people who look for structure but those who recognize that important and complex decisions involve ambiguity. Mr White advised people to get as much diverse experience as possible.

Since I probably did not achieve a second round interview in the previous application, I tried for a project manager position. It reports to the vice-president for the legal firm that I am in. I don't know if I can make it. The SO said that I will learn new things. I believe that it will let me be a creative executive. One who understands other things that are essential in business.

Already I see that I must be more adventuresome. That I need to fear less. That I need to become risk taker.

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