Thursday, September 25, 2003

I just saw an ad by Arnold Schwarzenegger. In the add, he states that Indian casinos in California don't pay their fair share of taxes. Indian casinos make BILLIONS of dollars, but don't pay any taxes. Elect me (Arnold) and things will change.

Here's my liberal spin on it. You see I'm part of that liberal media bias that you keep hearing about. I am paid by my plants with oxygen and good luck. My plants are the leaders of the liberal media bias.

Tatangs Version of Arnold's 30 minute ad (Sarcasm ON): Indian casinos is bad because THEY are making TOO MUCH money. Indians are not that many in California so I will target them. I can't target Latinos or Blacks because they actually have political power. Can't target Asians because they can gang up on me and call me a racist bastard from HEIL Germany. I'll pick on the f*cked Indians because no one cares about them.

I'm (Arnold) a Republican. Republicans love businesses. Unless those businesses don't give me (Arnold the political candidate) any f*cking money in which case, I will f*ck them with my 100 pound weights. How dare those Indians to actually use the laws that America has made in treaties and other agreements to their advantage. How dare those f*cking Indians make money like f&cking Americans. How dare those f*cking Indians MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY AND not PAY TAXES!!!

Sarcasm OFF. Hell, I thought Republicans stood for businesses, lower taxes and screwing with minorities. Well, Arnold got one of the three right.

This reminds me of the ads that were first shown in California when people were asked to legitimize Indian gaming in the state of California. The ad showed the houses of the Indians who owned the casinos. I believe it was the homes of a specific tribe. They said, "Can you believe how rich these people are? Don't let that happen to your state. Don't let minorities, specifically Indians have MONEY." What the f*ck? It's okay for corporations run by whites to get money (Las Vegas hotels) but it's not okay for Indians to get money? Did I just wake up in Nazi Germany?

Well, folks, here we go again. Bash of the f*cking minority so that I can win a f*cking election. The payment by Arnold is his political career. I can't believe that this guy is actually running with his thick HEIL German accent and saying that INDIANS make TOO MUCH MONEY!!! That Indians should be TAXED!!!

Help! Some moron has hijacked my Republican PARTY. Can someone run an advertisement on this? Please, I don't really want to become a political pundit. God DAMN!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Wow, this is a serious case. Kris Aquino is just about destroying this guy Joey Marquez political future. This guy is dead. There is no way that his political career can be resurrected after this. I mean, you beat up the daughter of Ninoy? Let me run the political ads now because we can really make a disaster.

Okay, she just called out Joey Marquez and told him that he did not have the balls to face up to his responsibilities. I'm sorry, does Joey still have a political career? Kris just cut up his balls in public. Might as well become a fucking eunuch.

Damn, that Aquino gene for courage is in this girl. Kris Aquino for PRESIDENT!!!

I'm watching the Pilipino news in the television. Kris Aquino who is the daughter of former Pres Corazon Aquino and of assasinated Philippine hero/politiican Benigno Aquino is on the television accusing her husband/partner of pointing a gun at her. Pretty nasty stuff.

Kris Aquino has been interesting because of her penchant for disobeying and not following her family's wishes with respect to public behavior and career. Kris is an actress and I believe she also has her own show. Now, she is the topic of the show as she admits that her husband beats her.

She just revealed that her partner also gave her a sexually transmitted disease. Jesus Christ!!! In this day and age of AIDS, people are still screwing around without condoms. God Bless the people of Philippines, but damn, let's get that stupid pecker in some condoms.

Kris also admitted that her mother made a statement: For someone who is so intelligent, you are so BOBA in selecting men. And this is the lesson in life folks. If you are being stupid in selecting men, get the fuck out.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

It's been a while since I've been around. The news, the situation at work, and problems with my ankle have been messing me up. On the plus side, I have bought two plants and placed them in my money corner. They are bringing me great gifts and great wonder. It's been very good.

What with the California gubernatorial elections going on, I don't know what to think about politics. I really don't want Arnold to be the governor. One reason is that he might become president one day. And let's face it, rules are rules. I don't want the US getting rid of that notation that says that non-US citizens can not be president. Wait for generations to grow up in the US. Then, have a hack at it.

Arnold's message is empty. I don't believe he will do a better job than Davis. At least Davis has been a politico. He's been there and done that. He's actually been blamed for the Republicans in Congress stalling for stuff. Bastards!!!

It's hard to be a Republican when bastards have hijacked my damned party. Where the hell is fiscal responsibility? Who the fuck cares about gays in the military? There are more important things in this world than having to step on the little guys.

Monday, September 08, 2003

YES!!! I won the football pool for the first week of the NFL season. I made an addition error and thought that I was behind this other guy. It turns out that I made a great score of 95. Yes! Baby! Bring on the money!

I began recruiting today for other players. Maybe the pot will get larger. Who knows? Maybe it will get to $50.

I took down a photo of Paulina Porizkova and two posters of Budweiser women from the dining room wall. Over time, I have forgotten that these posters and calendar were on the wall. The SO asked why I only had photos of white women on the wall.

The easy answer was that because in 1986, the only photos you could buy from Budweiser was photos of white women. I ended up buying two photos of Asian women in 1990 because I was so surprised that there was a photo of an Asian woman.

Ahh, this is something I should talk about in my seminar on art and being Filipino.

Dinner tonight was at a Swedish restaurant. Of course, it is located at IKEA. Now talk about marketing. This place is great. It has cheap materials which translates to cheap prices. Sure some of the products are not going to last. But some products are supposed to last only for a few years.

There was this huge clock that looked fantastic. The SO did not like it because it reminded her of school. I'm sorry, but I loved school. In some ways, I wish I could just stay in school. But, there is money to be made out there.

I also enjoy getting light bulbs at Ikea. My blanket is another excellent thing I got at Ikea. With my watching the budget, sometimes, Ikea just helps you out.

Sunday, September 07, 2003

First week of NFL. I am in the running for the football pool. If the eagles win tomorrow night, I win the $30. It's not the amazing $5000 that the former coach of Washington has. But then again, if i were a coach, I would not be as silly as him.

I cleaned up a section of the money corner. I then bought two plants. I hope it helps me in the job search that is going on. My friend's last day was Friday. We ended up going to Chevy's. It was like a damned wake!!!

I hope I am next.