Thursday, July 08, 2004

Marcos' grandson

I just read Wily's comments on the Marcos dynasty. And while he complains about the excess and the injustice perpetrated by the Marcos clan, all I can do is smile and realize that democracy in its truest sense resides in the Philippines.

What nasty drug am I on? None. I simply realize that in a democratic government, things like the Marcos clan going scot-free and not paying one cent goes hand in hand with the freedoms and liberty given by said democracy. It is a nasty little secret that no one seems to have been taught in government class. Once you have money, you can pretty much do anything you want.

And I have to disagree with Wily that corruption has anything to do with it. I believe that the Marcos clan and Imelda specifically can get away with many, many things precisely because the Philippines is a land of laws. With Imelda hiring the best and brightest of American trained lawyers and then sicking said lawyers upon the best of the Philippine government lawyers, I did not even need to wait to know for sure that Imelda will not pay one cent or centavo to the Filipino people.

Is it justice? Nope. Is it right? Nope. Everyone with half a brain knows they stole incalculable amounts of money. The trick is proving it. Therein lies the secret to the Marcos clan. With enough lawyers, they can manipulate and warp the laws. They don't even need to dip into the corruption barrel, although I am sure they are in cahoots with some senators.

The small solace I have is that in Asia, the Philippines is one cradle of democracy. In fact, I see democracy thrive more in the Philippines than in the Unites States. Need proof? Go see Edsa 1 and 2. When the people have the power to oust presidents/dictators, they have democracy.

As for Marcos' grandson from which Wily's post comes from, ahh, he is not worthy to carry Apo Marcos' soiled loin cloth. When Marcos wanted justice, he took a gun, shot the target, then convinced the Supreme Court that he was innocent. Ahh, now those were days of not-so-democratic government. Those were days of justice.

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