Sunday, July 18, 2004


Went with the fiancee to the gun range yesterday. I believe I am hooked with marksmanship. Totally awesome. I can see shooting for several hours. Maybe the whole day. I'm thinking of purchasing a .22 caliber rifle just for target shooting.

Fiancee's Target

Tatang's Target

What do you think?

The problem with me is that I get quickly obsessed with things. Just last night, I was surfing and surfing looking for cheap but nice 22 caliber rifles. I tell you, this target shooting is addicting.

The first gun I tried was a Bruno with no telescopes. I used the iron sights just like any world war 2 veteran in the field. The first three shots that I took was off too high. The next ones found the vicinity of the target. The rifle was lighter than I expected. But I can definitely see how in the standing position, it is nearly impossible to shoot accurately.

The next gun was a Ruger semi-automatic with a holoscan viewing, no magnification. Shooting was easier because you have at least a scope that gave you an idea. The Ruger was modified to change the sensitivity of the trigger.

The target that you see above was done with a rifle with a magnifying target. Very nice for me, but the SO has a much nicer spread.

Now, do I go out and spend 2600 for an Olympic style gun? Bwahahahha. Will the SO think it romantic if instead of wedding rings, I give his and hers matching rifles?

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