Sunday, October 16, 2005

More wedding thoughts

A week later, the wedding ring has encountered abrasions, dings, knocks and unintentional hurt. The surface of the ring is no longer perfect, but as some have pointed out, sharing with the world a love so grand means knocks and dings.

Many of the guests have pointed out the greatness of Father Rich Danyluk. He is a mystery among priests. Father Rich managed to welcome everyone into the wedding ceremony be they Catholic, Christian or of another religion. Everyone enjoyed his unusual sermon which he began by asking who had been married for more than forty years. He pointed out that my aunt combed my uncle's hair just before they marched into the church. And Father Rich told everyone that they will be touched in the wedding ceremony. But that some will feel it, others will know it and ignore it, and others will wonder what he was talking about.

Uncle Berning who had a birthday celebration last night spoke to me while I hanged out with them at the inuman. Note that this is the first time that I actually spent time with the uncles. Uncle B gave me a double of Johnny Walker Black which I nursed for about an hour. That stuff is strong. Along the way, he told me that he enjoyed the fact that the dance floor for the wedding was big. He had space to dance and dance he did. He told me that he knew the other uncles were watching so he made sure to strut his stuff.

I would like to thank Eileen and Tom for offering us their place in the mountains as a retreat during our honeymoon. As always, it was fun to speak with Eileen to tell her that the eight billion people + 200 million space traveler voyeurs who read her blog are constantly amazed at her genius. And folks, it really is genius. Let me get serioius here for a moment. Her "I Take Thee English" book is a treat. Provide the citation and let the reader write the content. My God! Talk about engaging the reader into the creation of poetry. Her over-the-top blurb projects!!! Gleeful, and I mean gleeful creativity that engages others to CREATE works of abject hilarity. I thank God that Eileen is on this earth providing everyone an opportunity to create poetry and works of art. It is simply an inspiration, I tell you! Heck, I spent one day with her, and I wanted to jumpstart my haynaku series with Marcos and Aquino.

The Fairmont Hotel was the other venue for our honeymoon. We were lucky enough to get a discount because a cousin worked there. Those prices are exorbitant in my book. However, is the place worth it? You bet your little patoot it is. Let's see, the carpet was beautiful. My feet made love with it, it was so nice. The bedsheets alone were worth the price of admission. I just loved the bedsheets. They must have been 600 count thread sheets or something. And the bathroom. It was the size of some Berkeley apartments. The view was gorgeous. A view of San Francisco and the fog as it rolled into the city.

We did dine at the Tonga Room and that one was way too overpriced for Chinese food. The Blue Hawaiian which was made famous by Elvis was nice. The steak was cooked to medium rare. There was rainfall every thirty minutes. But it was underwhelming. The service was great, but I suppose that the food could have been better. Or should have been better.

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