Monday, October 24, 2005


Soul Seeker is looking for something. Ignore her fights over the blogsphere about weight issues and various other things. That is unimportant although highly entertaining if you twist that way. Read instead about her insights on her friend's closeted Catholicism and its ramifications on religion. Reflect with her about her thesis. Soul-Seeker is Pin@y Blog fo the Day for the 24th of October in the year of the Pin@y 2005.

Now coming from soc.culture.filipino, I must admit that these so called blogwars are nothing but miserable flameups. It's not even a flamewar. Refer to Kadyo who is another candidate for Pin@y Blog of the Day. Go to his Oct 18 entry to see more flameups.

Is our blog world really that important that we will singe people because of some tagboard? Damn, it's great to see commitment, but this is bordering on ridiculous. Well, it would be ridiculous if it were not so damned funny.

Ahh, soc.culture.filipino. where are those flamewars now?

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