Monday, September 26, 2005

One more weekend

Big day is drawing closer and closer. i find myself unable to do much of anything. Just holding in stasis I suppose. I am trying to figure out what it all means. Such a big event. Something to enjoy? Several of my friends can not make it. And that makes it sad because I would at the very least would have wanted to be with them on this day like I was with them on their wedding day.

Probably made the last trip to the jeweler. everything seems to be inscribed and plated as of now. Now, Just gotta plan everything else. Baptismal certificate is here straight from the Philippine Islands. How crazy is that? Are there non-Catholics pretending to be Catholics just so that they can be married into a Catholic church?

Clothes are here. Barong Tagalog etc. pants. Hey, I need to get the pants cleaned. Crap! I should have done that.

Seating arrrangements are clean. If you did not send in your invite, boy, you'll be left out in the dust.

Photos are set.

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islandprincess said...


I found your blog while desperately googling "baptismal certificate".
How did you get your Baptismal Certificate from the Philippines? I'm also getting married in catholic church in norcal. Is there any way to request that document without going back to PI?