Monday, September 19, 2005

Another weekend down, how many more to go?

This weekend was actually a reasonably quiet one. We should have gone to the cowboy shooting weekend, but our host could not make it. Instead, I rested. Got much needed rest. Friday evening was a Costco night. Was tempted to buy some Buffy the Vampire slayer DVD. Tried out some shrimp cocktail and costco chicken. It was not our usual buying spree. We did not get any clothes or too much food. For some reason, I have not been in the mood to cook. Friday afternoon was the doctor and after that to Cody's bookstore and I managed to buy some books on science fiction.

Saturday was spent going to the jeweler to pick up the So's parent's remade wedding rings, groomsmen gifts, and engraving of the goblets. Next week, we are supposed to pick up the goblets. IN the afternoon, the SO went to the parental house and finished off making the giveaways. Hope they like them. The SO was setting up tables for the weddding during Saturday night. Who can sit with whom? Some tables are 9 or 8. Will they be able to sit with this person?

Sunday, we spent at home. The SO was working on the video for the wedding in the morning. She actually finished the whole thing and it was great!!! She is truly gifted with the video things. In the afternoon, it was the party for the christening. While there, I managed to talk to some of the cousins about their future plans in classes in high school. ONe of the cousins wants to be a car designer. The other wants to be a teacher. The other would be a politician.

Sunday evening, we ended up in SF to see the twin nieces. They were so small. So tiny. The SO said that Baby B was heavy. BAby A was tiny and small. But, BAby A kept smiling all the time. While Baby B was just sleeping after having finished off some milkl.

How many more weekends before the wedding date? I don't know. Time is getting shorter. I hope that everything is going well. Gotta figure out who is in the hotel and not.

Oh, and I have to set up the honeymoon!!!!

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