Monday, September 05, 2005

The Perfect Buffalo Wing

Since April 2005 when we visited San Diego and my taste buds were ruined by the hotel Buffalo Wings, I have been in search of good chicken. With the trip to Long Beach, I had to continue the quest:

1. Denny's in the ghetoey part of Long Beach. We managed to quickly find this restaurant because even Kapre and Tikbalang were hungry that first night. We had arrived in Long Beach at about 10:30 PM and decided that we would search for good restaurants. The wings were crunchy and the sauce was good. It managed to erase my bad memories of San Diego hotel buffalo wings.

2. Hyatt Restaurant. On Sun afternoon, we went to the Hyatt to try out their version. Not as good. The celery was lame and the chicken was not crispy.

3. Hooters. The So and D wanted to visit what was so special about Hooters. They found out that it was a bad version of a Southern restaurant with weird energy men eyeing the doughy and pillowy breasts of the servers. Sat evening was excellent however because of the shrimp fries. I did not taste any as I had polished off the pizza that I had ordered for lunch.

4. Outback Steak House. The buffalo wings were okay. Not crispy and the sauce was mild. Another chain restaurant that serves okay food. Although to be honest, my ribs are warming up in the microwave and that is dinner tonight.

The search continues.

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