Tuesday, September 13, 2005

How Uncles Are Manipulated

So I was trying to keep control of the niece. It turns out that children are very resilient because of their abundant energy. Each time that I tried to ask the child to do something, she would do something else. And of course, that would be accompanied by a smile, a touch or a giggle. How can I resist?

When I tried to stop her from grabbing things from the table and bringing it to me, she went to the window and played there banging her hands on the window sill. I could even hear a nice rhythm. But, after a while, she became quiet. Then a giggle.

Whoops, where did that giggle come from?

Ah! She's in her parent's room... playing with electrical wiring! Uncle shut the room door.

Well, she next went to her room and started pulling her dresser drawers. Okay, uncle shuts her room door.

The niece now says, "Oh yeah, uncle? How about I gnaw some slippers?" Yikes! Uncles rushes to hide the slippers. Uncle screams about how dirty the slippers are.

The niece replied "Hmm, see these nice bags, uncle? How about I stomp on them to crush whatever is inside?" Holy Cow!!! Uncle runs to take away the bags!!!!

"The niece then started fixating on the dining room table. She climbed onto the table and posed there like a model. THREE TIMES.

Uncle is tired. Uncle has gotten sick. Uncle needs to go to work.

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