Friday, September 09, 2005

Changes in Life

It is difficult for me to comprehend that I have been in America for 23 years. I am no longer in school. I have been out of school for eight years. I work. My parents are no longer with us. I am about to get married.

I had always been thinking "Someday, I will do this…" Yet, loook at what happened. Someday creeped up on me and said "Here I am. Someday is Today."

Yesterday was the minus one month and counting for the event. I suppose I should look upon it as a celebration, not an ends to itself. The priest Father R said that we have been married. It is simply the public celebration. The colonized part of me can't understand that. The other part of me understands quite well.

Seven years of happiness and choosing to be happy. Interspersed with moments of absolute fear from the future and from death. Specially from death. It is a constant thing this death. I see more and more of it in the news. But I guess that is why you are supposed to try really hard to live life well.

My sister is about to have twins. What a change that will be. From one child to threee. How about us? From zero children to hopefully three also.

Life is everyday. What are you doing today?

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