Tuesday, September 19, 2006

25 Years is a Blink of the Eye

Two weeks ago, we attended my a twenty-five year wedding for my father-in-law's brother. We became a substitute for the candle sponsors when one of the sponsors could not make it from the Philippines.

Uncle J and Auntie A began dating in the 1970's. When they got married, the story goes that they were just wearing jeans. No muss, no fuss. Twenty-five years later, here came the en grande wedding.

There were about twenty primary sponsors. Most of them though were from the ballroom dance club that my aunt and uncle belong to. The number of guests were actually held to less than 250. The larger hotel could not be reserved in time. If not, probably they would have broken the 350 barrier.

While I was looking at their video, I could not help but think of how quickly 25 years go by. Three children. Twenty plus years in America. Children in high school. Children in college.

J and A ended up getting interested in ballroom dancing. As we have seen, couples need something in which both partners can participate. Both partners must enjoy the activity. It can't just be one of the couples enjoy it. Otherwise, it will not be fun and the other partner will resist.

The SO said that is why she likes bowling so much. We can both do it. And, I can do it alone if I wanted to. Heheheh.

During the ballroom section, there were some pretty amazing moves. I wonder how long they have been practicing that. There was one move where the woman leans backward and the man supports her neck. Wow. Talk about trust. I wonder how many times the guy dropped thee woman.

The celebrants also ended up dancing with their family. I believe it was a West Coast Swing. Very nice. Very beautiful.

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Witness Street said...

Hi, randomly blog-browsing here...and I came across this lovely post. Time flies indeed, but only if we aren't conscious of its ephemerality.

I don't know if that's good or bad. But at any rate, cheers!