Thursday, December 01, 2005

Letting Go of the Past

It's the first of December. I asked the manager of the apartment if I could move out on Dec 4. What could he do? If forced to move out last night, the place would have been a mess.

Sadly, someone took a drawer form the table that I had. If they don't come back to pick up the table, may their food taste bad their whole life.

Really running out of room at the SO's place to store stuff. I found some more clothes. Really, I think some of those are just going to the goodwill store. Someone will enjoy those shirts, sweaters, etc.

It's raining and raining hard. Nasty weather. But beautiful also. Can't wait to finish the apartment.

The area where I sleep on the floor is now taken over by a large clothes hanger. Courtesy of too many clothes.

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