Monday, July 03, 2006

Goong a Korean Drama

Over the weekend, I was entertained by, a service that shows films/movies over the internet.

While looking for silly Japanese game shows, I stumbled across a Korean game show populated by Korean actors and singers. I was fascinated by the fact that the actors and singers allow themselves to be the subject of ridicule and fun. This is vastly different from American royalty. More than that, it required said actors and singers to be WITTY. This is something that Americans do not necessarily have.

One game requires a person to ask a question, and the other person must say "Of course." This often led to confessions of true love to the other person. Showing one's genunine feelings for another person is quite touching. In one episode, a female singer mentioned how she wanted to get to know another singer. In ten minutes, she explained her obsession/crush and it was complete with tears.

Absolutely attentive television!

One of the results is a television drama called Goong. Go check it out.

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fang said...

Hey...well said...goong definitely's english name is 'princess hours' it is extremely popular in my hometown, singapore, the local broadcast station is screening it...i am total obessed with it...i bought the DVD and poster of it...quite suprised that someone in united states will like it...goong season 2 is going to be out next year....remember to catch it=)

goong rox~