Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Nature of Drama

There are a few places where I can buy or rent Asian movies. For the more mature selection, a store in Japantown is a select place. For the mainstream selection, a store in downtown Oakland. However, the video store in Oakland is only open during the weekdays up until five o'clock in the afternoon. Considering my work schedule, I just don't have a quick enough drive to get there. So I am left to going to the store on the weekends.

It is unnerving to go to a store where I don't understand the language. For the first times that I went, I always felt like I did not belong. But after a while, I realize that the color of money is a beautiful way of communicating with store owners. Make sure you buy stuff and pretty soon you belong.

I had not been in the Oakland store for at least a year. I stopped going when I realized the magic of netflix and dvd rentals. There was also Blockbuster sales on movies. But as I mentioned previously, I had been bitten by the Korean drama or Goong. So on a Sunday, off I went to downtown Oakland.

The saleslady made an interesting comment to me as I surveyed the movies. She was recommending the later Korean dramas because the earlier ones did not end happily. The characters usually had cancer or died and so the resolution of the drama was unhappiness. But the later ones are now having happy endings. Like Cinderella.

And this got me to thinking about our lives. Do we choose to emphasize the sadness or do we choose happiness. I know that for my part, I have begun choosing happiness. How about you?

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