Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wedding a Year Ago

Reflections on the Wedding
1. Concern about the wedding day going by too quickly. Didn’t happen because we managed to enjoy the time.
2. Photographs and the meticulousness of Mr. Song. But we got him because he is a great artist. It takes him a while to judge the balance, height and shape of the group. Never made a complaint. Have this one picture with the classic silhouette pose.
3. The Barong Tagalog never got creased because it was embroidered all-over.
4. The four things I had to do for the wedding: shoes, pants, shirt, and show up. That is all I was tasked with.
5. It was great to see members of my old lab and grad school.
6. There were two tables that were set up for extra people who show up. My sister pointed them out as tables for the dead. One could believe it.
7. The cake was so good that I wanted to just sit and devour the cake.

Post –Wedding Celebration
1. Went up to the suite to talk to my brother, BIL, and SIL. Asked the SIL to get us some fast food, any fast food because the Chinese food in the fridge was frozen. That’s right. Icicles formed in the food.
2. The MIL was nice enough to arrange just about everything for the next day’s move back to Oakland.
3. The next day, went to Oakland to begin opening the gifts. The gifts were fun to open. There were some very generous people giving us cash and some very nice gifts from the registry.

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