Sunday, November 26, 2006

Rooting for Melody Lacayanga


When Fox was showing the show "So You Think You Can Dance," I openly rooted for all the Asians and the Pin@ys in the show. After all, it was not everyday that I saw Asians and Pin@ys on television without a white man as a husband or boyfriend or groom. For that matter, I still don't see Asian men on television as the husband, boyfriend or groom of Caucasians.

It was a thrill to watch Melody dance in the show. But the thrill got to be so much that I ended up not watching the show in the end. I did not want any cortisol coursing through my body.

So I was surprised last night to hear that "the Filipina in the dance show" was at my niece's debutante ball. I was surprised to say the least. Apparently, Melody Lacayanga was a first cousin to the debutante. Not only that, it turned out that Melody has a sister who is a very talented singer also. They both served as the hostess of the evening.

It was four degrees of separation. I know my second cousin L. L married M. M is the sister of Melody’s mother.

Melody was about five feet and two inches. As a dancer, her body was fit and trim. In fact, I saw muscles that usually can only be seen in the abdominal area when the skin is peeled off during anatomy dissection. Melody flew off the floor during her dance performance. I am always in awe of dancers. To have such fine control over their bodies.

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