Monday, December 04, 2006



I had been struggling with my bowling over the last two months. I have not been able to pick up the spare frames. The pesky single pins at the 7 and 10 location were just giving me problems. I got so desperate that I bought a spare ball so that I could shoot straight.

On Nov 30, I was able to put together a 500 series with a 177, 203 and 143. Woohoo! I never thought that I could concentrate hard enough that I would ever break the 200 barrier.

We were not able to play a game before league. The lanes were being reserved because the other league had positional play. I wore my red cowboy shirt because I had forgotten to take along my bowling shirt. My Wrath bowling ball was newly bleeded of oil.

The night started well with a spare and then a strike. I was trying to focus so that I could bowl well. For some reason, I thought that I could bowl a 200 game. The first game was definitely going well. I was able to find the line between oil and dry and the ball kept getting strikes. The tenth frame was the adventure one because I ended up throwing a gutter ball after a strike. I lost 20 pins because of that.

The second game, I forced myself to relax because I had already bowled a fabuloug game. This time around, I was able to accomplish the feat of a 200 game.

With bowling, I can ask the question "Who needs Kobe when I got me?"

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