Sunday, December 17, 2006

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping

It used to be easier before when i did not make money. There simply were no gifts to anyone. But now that I can afford some gifts, it makes it more complicated. Do I get them something just for the sake of getting them something? The SO gave me a great advice. “We will only give them something if it is something that they need or can use. This frees me from having to give someone something generic.

Thus, the list of materials that I have from my list are as follows
A maroon bowling ball for my brother so that he can take up bowling
A PINK (very loud pink) bowling ball for the sister in law
Chocolate bars from Scharfen Berger for the officemates
A bowling ball (BIG TIME from Ebonite) for the SO
The complete set of WEST WING for me
Two pairs of booties for the twins
A huge glass aquarium made of light for the first niece
A bowling ball for a friend of ours in our bowling team

It is quite obvious that in our past time, we are using bowling. And why not? It is cheap, there is room for constant improvement. And it is a social game. Although in league this past Thursday, there were a bunch of grumpy old men who were not so much into conversation. They were fabulous bowlers, but grumpy and inaccessible. You might as well have bowled alone.

My scores were 110, 131, 108. Next time, I will scream more ENDORPHINS.

I also went to the Berkeley Street Fair held every Dec on Telegraph Avenue. Yesterday, I got lucky and bought a sling type leather wallet that you wear on your shoulder. I had been looking for that for quite a while. I used my prize for bowling a FIVE BAGGER to get the wallet. The guy who sold it to me was named Dean and his company was Santini leather. For those looking for good leather material, his number is seven-one-four, seven-two-six, one-sixe-two-three. Beautiful leather.

And then we saw our Tibetan friend who manages to give us prosperity. May he be blessed in his lifetimes.

The other place that I went to was the LeatherMaiden’s workshop for leather belts. Boy, talk about great belts, I have had a black belt now for two years. I bought it from them when they still did not use a stamp. It took her a while to figure out if she did my belt or not. But the belt is still in great condition. It shows that I have lost weight because of the way that it is held. Awesome.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!!! Prosperity to All!!!!

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