Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The last time we ate at Kansai was during its opening night. We stayed very conservatively and only ordered traditional sushi and sashimi. At the end of the evening, we figured out that you could order the fusion cuisine.

Tonight, we went back to Kansai and our palate was entertained by the fusion cuisine. From the Specialty section, we ordered

Imperial Sushi: The fish is selected by the customer. I ordered hamachi. The fusion cuisine came with caviar, yogurt and the hamachi. The sensation in my mouth was outstanding. The individual pieces looked like mochi ice cream. As one bit into the food, little explosions stimulated one's taste buds.

Ebi Boat: The shrimp was placed on top of a ____. A huge dollop of caviar and gold flakes was placed delicately on top of the shrimp. The head of the shrimp was fried to crispiness. Absolutely divine!!!

Creamy Hamachi: Raw hamachi is already a treat. Add cream and some tempura beans, the fish reaches new heights of ecstacy.

Salmon Lover: Pieces of salmon are paired with apple slices and avocado. It gave new meaning to salmon.

Kings Maki Sushi: This one was extraordinary. As I bit into the piece, the texture of the fried soft shell crab was mind boggling.

Yellow Road: salmon in and out, lemon, basil and chilly sauce. Probably the most sedate out of all the ones we ordered. But can go head to head with the very best of any other restaurant's masterpieces.

The price of the restaurant is reasonable. With the above, our bill hit $150 for three people. Include in that a meal for me at about $14 for fried calamari. I believe that anywhere else, this thing would have cost something like $300.

Th bonus for us is that the chef came over and asked if everything was okay. He then suggested that the next time we are there, we should just go to the bar and don't order form the menu. He will just make stuff as we order a type of fish. Can you believe that???

Sushi Bar & Japanese Cuisine
4345 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94609

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