Friday, October 01, 2004

DVD, work, time

The SO has created a mah-velous DVD of the pamanhikan. The best thing about the DVD is that she managed to edit beautifully between two angles. I don't even think I have the patience to do that. So now, for those friends who never saw it, we can show them what the pamanhikan was like.

The company will be moving out of our current location into the building across from us. From a view of the parking lot, I will get to see a view of a wider parking lot. Yipee! Seriously, so long as a janitor can clean out the trash everyday and I don't have to think about what I dump in the trashcan, I will be happy. The previous job only had the janitor come in twice a week. That company is still limping along although they are now going to do their manufacturing in the third world.

Time has flown. A friend of mine from the post-doc years got a job in SSF. I was asked to be a reference and when I looked when I knew her, it was something like 1999. Talk about a while ago. Five years ago. Ten years ago, I was still a graduate student. Now, I hear that the last post-doc from my grad school lab is leaving to take an academic position. He is leaving a cadre of undergraduates. The second-in-command of that lab retired this past April. Twenty-two years ago, I came to the land of growth hormone laced milk and antibiotic fortified cattle. In two more years, it will be my twentieth reunion for high school.

And I heard last night that my uncle who was one of the people who picked us up from the airport passed away. He lived to the mighty tune of 88 years old. Here is to a good life. May each one of use lead one.

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