Monday, October 18, 2004

Helen the Pin@y

Helen Toribio passed away over the weekend. I try to find perspective in the death of friends and acquaintances. I rationalize their death as the completion of their journey on this earth. As with Ace, Helen had already filled her quota on accomplishments in this world. Helen had reached that pinnacle of personal tolerance in which she could say nothing but nice things about most people.

Over this past spring, Abe and Helen celebrated their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. At the time, every person in the household had to introduce themselves. My comment was about how the SO and I were planning to get married and how if our marriage was as one-fifth as successful as that of Abe and Helen, then our marriage would be a success.

I am saddened by the passing. I miss the jokes and side comments. But all those things are inside of me. People do live on inside of those who remember.

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