Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Game of Bowling


We started off the bowling league last week. Unfortunately, it turns out that the bowling lanes have an application of oil before the games start. This results in unpredictability with respect to trajectory with a bowler like me who does not have the hook. The ball ends up every which way except down the lane.

Last week's scores were 113, 80 and an abysmal 50. That's right, 50! The teammates blamed it on my changing my style every which way. I blamed it on the fact that the ball would not go down the lane any way.

We partnered up with two other elder gentlemen who had an interesting way of bowling. They skipped, hopped, hugged the wall and went into the other lane to convince the pins to fall down. It was hilarious.

Gary surprised them though because by the last frame, they were bowling their best. They did not want to be beaten by a handicapped person.

This week's scores for me were 77, 99 and 146. Yup, that is my top score to date. I actually had five or so spares and one or two strikes. Not bad.

Gary the coach suggested I lean forward. So I did. It seemed to give me some momentum. I also released my little pinky from being folded. I made my feet separate from each other. The right foot about a half of a foot in front. And, I did the targeting. I started with the 1-3 pin pocket. Went to the middle triangle. And drew a line to the first circle and my shoulder. That actually worked.

After the game, I had to bowl again just to get out my desire to experiment. I ended up bowling a 123 when I used the 3/4 turn with the third circle as my target. I had some hook to the ball. When I used the helicopter style, it was bad. The first frame was a strike, but nothing else after that. It was difficult to control where the ball was released.

Here's to bowling. Here's to the middle class! Hooray!!!

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