Monday, January 15, 2007


Another year and another birthmonth has passed. Life has been pretty darned good lately. That might be because I have been trying to control my thoughts and going for endorphins instead of cortisol. You know the drill. Don't wallow in self-pity. Improve yourself 1% each day and pretty soon, you will be a good human being.

On Sunday, we went to a bridal fair to try and get the business going. There were many lessons to be learned.

1. Don't be too shy.
2. You are offering a service. It's okay to talk to them.
3. Don't take photos of bride and groom. They are just not ready for it on a Sunday.

The experience made me think about selling and interacting with people. Photography deals with a lot more of selling yourself more than anything else. It's difficult to change, but you pretty much have to. I have to change. The world has already changed from an income based world to an asset based world.

In some ways, it will be easier to sell myself now as a photographer than if I have to work at the age of 65. I better change my philosophical framework now.

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