Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

It has been a while since I have tried implementing into my life a new year's resolution. Partly because of a lack of discipline, I often rebelled against what I set out to do. Talk about destructive tendencies.

This year's top ten goals are:

1. Prosperity in the mind, body, spirit and finances for me and everyone I know. Spread the word that prosperity lies in the mind. Prosperity is a choice.
2. Continue to improve my health by walking in the morning and or evenings.
3. Continue being selective about my food choices. Tasting delicious Pinoy food is on the books. Just don't eat it for seven straight days. Choose leafy vegetables.
4. Continue to bowl with a goal of a clean game. The physical activity does me good and it will allow me to bowl with my father in law.
5. Let go of some of my older clothing. Donate them to the Philippines. It is nice to remember the good times. But, it is even better to create the good times in the present.
6. Become a teacher who changes lives. I began teaching at a law school in Southeastern los Angeles. I hope to affect the lives of my students for the better. I take the plane for the 3 hour class and I come up the same day.
7. Plan for the start of children in our lives.
8. Begin preparing for the next purchase of a house somewhere in Alameda. I already saw the Kapitolyo, the model house where I hope to live someday. It was about 3.4 million. I figure with a side business, maybe we can achieve it in five to ten years.
9. Continue to promote and explore my photography and consulting for college job.
10. Have fun!!!

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