Friday, January 12, 2007

Sweet Merlot

The law firm took all of its support staff to the racetrack two weeks ago. It was fun stuff. Although I wish we could have seen the horses up close and personal. The company gave us $2 tickets to bet on horses. I ended up choosing a horse named "Sweet Merlot" because of its wine connection. The horse ended up paying on 11:1 odss. That was pretty good and I ended up with $60.

I could see why gambling on ponies is so addictive. You have this instant of anticipation at the start where everything is possible. In the middle of the race, your body sags from exhaustion because of all the adrenaline that is being pumped through. But at the end, you find yourself again and root, root root for the home team or your chosen pony.

Golden Gate Fields was quite beautiful. Lush greenery set in the middle of the track. I was wondering if they could get an aquatic park going on in the middle of it all. We were placed in the clubhouse where all the swanky people stayed. Some of the mail handlers were even wearing pearls! Talk about a classy snazzy joint. Woohoo!

We might try to go again this Saturday. It's supposed to be dollar a day. Dollar for everything. Entrance, fried chicken, etc, etc.

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