Thursday, December 16, 2004

Coming to Terms

Well yesterday, I finally stopped caring about the worrries of the job. My boss came at me pissed off because a lot of photos were not printed on time. Hello? I was working on your project! How was I supposed to do both? Here I am toiling away at 60 hours plus and I can't figure out if I can go 80 hours a week. And he was not satisfied. I finally just said that the job I was doing needed two people. I was just working extra to get the stuff done.

Maybe I should give him the Dale Carnegie book on "How to Make Friends" and "How to Avoid Stress." I figure that the way he is going, I was going to follow him to the grave. Good Lord! I felt the same pains and nastiness that I read about in the book.

I just did not care anymore. I reached the point where the SO said "What are you going to do to me? Fire me? Well, I can just get another job." Really, I realize more and more that the photofinishing business might not be the heaven that I thought I could climb to riches. Maybe I have to start thinking about real estate.

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