Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Winning a prize from the circus

Not exactly a circus. I won the SO a stuffed tiger from Excalibur. I beat and humiliated five year olds at this racing game. The movement of the knights on horsies was determined by rolling and sinking a ball in holes. I figured that it was a fair game in that the prize was a stuffed animal and the price to play was $1.

I must be gaining better control of my motor movements now that I am older. I can actually coordinate and have some sort of physical memory with respect to rolling balls.

I had never won a prize in a circus like atmosphere. Games where you sink a ship, place a hoop across the bottle top, and darts have been a nemesis' of mine. No matter how much I wanted to win, it was much easier and cheaper in the long run to just buy the damned stuffed toy.

But today, on a day of celebration for the SO, I managed to win not once, but twice. Bwahahahha. The first time, I had to learn the mechannics of the game. I had to analyze the mechanism. The kid sitting next to me was quite aggressive in staking out his place. May his aggresiveness pay off in the form of stress and diarrhea. Bwahahhaha. That's what he gets for touching my leg with his leg.

The second time, I had a whole bunch of Vietnamese shouting to their kid and puttinng pressure on him. Jesus, I was trying to figure out what the heck they were saying. I finally won after they left and I got to focusing.

The night was a success because I got to trade up to a white tiger for the SO. I finally won something for her. I hunted and got her a stuffed tiger. This day is an 8.

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