Sunday, December 19, 2004

Weddings and Parties

Amazingly enough, the SO and I went to two parties this weekend. Both parties were from people I knew. That does not happen very often. Maybe because I don't have that many friends. But the friends that I do have mean a lot.

V and M got married today. They had a minister from Canada perform the marriage. Since the US does not recognize gay marriages, the Canadian minister will file the marriage certificate in Canada so that when the US finally recognizes gay marriages, V and M can say that they have been married since 2004.

However, Father Rich who will marry the SO and I already said the truth. You don't need a certificate or a document to be married. All you need is to know in your heart and the rest is just details.

When I looked at V today, I can not find the V that I knew. The one with the pain and the one who was missing a part of himself. I remember when I saw V a dragon with his ex-partner. The ex said that he was a monkey. Monkeys and dragons make extra-ordinary pairs. Together, the two can conquer the world. However, being a monkey myself, I did not see the monkey in the ex. I said to myself, "Odd, this is not the person I thought V should be with." I never said anything.

Today, when I looked at V and M, I saw the person that belonged to the dragon.


The party was in Oakland and was held by a former officemate T. T is an African-American woman who is a powder keg of funny. She never holds her sarcastic comments which always leads her to trouble. I had never been in a party with so many black people. That pretty much tells you how limited my exposure is to the world.

I find it hard to talk to others. I guess Jimmy the social animal needs to come out on social occassions. It did not help that for some reason, my throat gave me problems last night. The temperature was too cold and my throat would start itching and I would start coughing.

T cooked a feast of spaghetti, teriyaki chicken and bbq chicken. Damn, the chicken was good. I could not get enough of it. The spaghetti was almost like a Filipino one. All it needed was sugar and some Vienna sausages.

As the wedding approaches, the number of people I call friends begin coming out of the woodwork. Maybe they sense my impending joy. If they are reading this, I wish them joy and interesting times in the future.

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