Sunday, December 05, 2004

Sometimes, Friends Do Matter

As the wedding comes nearer, all my friends from the past make an apperance. M who is married to M had a post-Thanksgiving party which I attended last night. Awesome food and awesome people.

Each time an old friend calls, it makes me remember who I was at a younger age. The brashness and the arrogance is simply stupefying. I'll just credit it to the shyness of an immigrant who wanted a hard shell on the outside. Nothing can bother me. But as with all human beings, we have our demons who haunt our every single waking moment. Perhaps, that was why I was so foul in my earlier years. But, at least I grew up out of it.

M was one of the college friends I made. A true one though I might not have known it at the time. Like a majority of people, I wanted flashy friends who looked good and shined. M was down to earth. A very intelligent, funny person who had a genuineness about her. She was not psychotic, neurotic or any other pscyhiatric -ics. She was well-adjusted, normal and happy. She accepts people as who they are without questions asked and welcomes them with open arms. She forgets all the faults and remembers the good. How many people are like that out there in the world? Not many.

V is having a commitment ceremony in mid-December. As soon as I heard, I screamed and giggled like a woman. I was so happy for him to finally find someone who fits him. I have to cancel a ton of stuff in order to attend his ceremony, but that is what friends are for.

This weekend is an 8. Good friends and good food.

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