Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ten Days in Vegas

The whole ten days was a definite 8 bordering on a 9. First, I completely forgot what I did for a living while in Vegas. Damn those photofinishing chemicals and those tie twisting machines! Bwahahahha. I did not have stress for ten days! Second, I found out what I wanted. More on that later. And I did not spend more than $1000. At least I don't think I did. The food was plentiful and artery clogging, but it was a vacation. What did I expect?

About six months ago, my teacher asked me the question "What do you want?" He asked the question just like a Vorlon would ask, I might add. For those not in the know, the Vorlons are a species of extra-terrestials from the Babylon 5 Universe. The Vorlons are enigmatic and mysterious. They answer in the double negatives. Their questions are not very straightforward although it might seem straightforward.

At any rate, while in Vegas ruminating over my existence, I came up with the thought that perhaps Tuhan's (teacher's) question is not about my job or what I plan to do to earn money. Nope, perhaps, just like Curly from the Billy Crystal movie City Slickers, Tuhan might just be asking a deeper question about existence and life.

So, I chanced upon the answer that what I wanted was to be financially free. So free that I don't have to report to a boss. Financially free from the worry of death and what it would do to my family. Free so that I did not have to worry about offending someone because of the language I use in memos.

So yup, what I want is to be financially free of the ignorants, the idiots and the ungrateful. Most of all, I want to be free of hypocrites who say they care, but at the end of the day, thrust the most number of knives into the backs of their employees. Hear that Mr. Garand? Do you hear that bell? That's for you!!! And that's for your lackey Hendricks.

So there. I know what I want. Now, to get there is a different matter.

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