Monday, January 31, 2005

Money, Money, Money

About four years ago, I joined a seed money group. The purpose was to learn how to save money, take care of money and let money work for you. At that time, my thinking was that of poverty. I thought that $3000 was a lot of money. How am I supposed to save that? ONly doctors and lawyers could bee rich. Why should I let go of my title. I earned that "doctor" with twelve years of hard work.

Four years later, I managed to save $25,000. I am no longer chained by my title. If I get laid off tomorrow, I will get a job and find the money for the wedding. I don't have as much fear about being poor as before. I don't have to find myself. I can just be myself. Be somebody.

Thank you Tuhan and Tubig. This past year has been a great year. Thank you God. Each day is a blessing. Thank you Honey for being there. I owe all my changes to you. Thank you to my family for supporting me in my crazy ideas.

And I say to you out there who read this. You don't have to be poor. You just have to be willing to learn and realize that no one ever taught you about money.

This weekend is an 8. I won the money group Tubig. Yipee! I get to buy my 22 caliber rifle. And I also bought myself a Seiko watch!!!

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