Saturday, January 08, 2005

Of monsters and vampires

The SO's family is humongous. I get the opportunity to speak to many of her cousins and study their lives. For someone without a life like me, I can live vicariously through them. I get to see what life would be like when a particular path is chosen.

Over the 2004 Christmas and New Year's holiday, the SO and I spent the vacation period with her family in Las Vegas. I managed to interact with the Las Vegas and San Diego cousins. I don't normally speak to them and so I was unaccustomed to their energy.

What was interesting is that her younger cousins (age 15-19) were interested in what I had to say. Another friend of ours C who was on the same vacation said that she noticed that the cousins had deep respect for the SO. I guess their respect for her came to me too with what they wanted to hear.

I told them about life and about death. For some reason, it was the easiest way to begin speaking with them. I have always been able to see certain things which as a scientist would make me very uncomfortable. But when you have a gift, you stop questioning after a while. I explained to them that just like in Babylon 5, death is really just another doorway. Another place to go to after this life. Philosophically, I can understand it as such. But deep down, the primal animal in me still fears death.

I explained as best as I could how energy can be seen by other people. I gave examples of how some women glow so brightly that men are just drawn to them like fireflies. However, sometimes, glowing is not enough to have a good life. Sometimes, if all you do is glow, then the vampires and the monsters come. I warned them that they have a gift. They needed to find the gift and be aware of it because sometimes, others will find it first.

I also spoke to them about tatoos and my thought that tatoos are modern day talismans. People get one to call on the higher being. But sometimes, the ones that come are the dark higher beings. I used as an example a relative who had placed a tatoo of a lion on the base of her spine. Great, it is there to protect her. But from what? I always have to question that for the simple reason that men will react to things in a funny way. "Oh, you have a shield / protector? Well, let me try out my fangs, and my sword and my weapons against you."

In today's society, the freedom to do what we wish without the ability to understand the implications in a spiritual way disturb me. Do these people really feel that threatened that they would need tatoos? In the old days, I can understand the use of tatoos. You were hunting and gathering food. There were big nasty things after you. If you don't get help, they eat you. Nowadays? I fear that tatoos only cause you to be the center of attraction of a maelstorm.

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