Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sh*t hits the fan

Well, yesterday, I had another run-in with the person who runs the department. The problem is of course amnesia. He has already forgotten what he told me to do in December. So, now, he is asking for the other stuff that did not get done. And when I told him why the stuff did not get done, poof! The conversation ends.

I tried to speak to him one on one. I tried to resolve the problems of late reports. What he did was tell me all the stuff that he did not like about me. I realized that I had learned everything I could from him. Maybe I learned about how to organize and keep track of things. But, after that, there is nothing more to learn.

Yesterday was a 7. I managed to tell him what was wrong from my point of view. He probably did not consider it though. Well, and that is why we are losing all our business to these damned online photofinishing factories. Those places don't have souls. I tell you, they are supposed to be run by machines! Not by people like us.

If you don't see me around your neighborhood photofinishing place, you know what happened.

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